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I figured I'd start a topic for UNF since I haven't seen a thread yet and the summer 2018 application dates are coming up soon.... Read More

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    The only legitimate info I could find on the average score of admitted applications was from 2012. For the ABSN, the average TEAS score was 89 with the minimum score being 82.5. (As shown on this page: http://allnurses.com/florida-nursing...of-821334.html). So when I took mine, I was shooting for a 90%.

    You might be able to look through past UNF threads and see if you can match people's scores to their acceptance.
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    For anyone who needs to call the One Stop/Admissions to confirm they have everything for your app, just know that they have been super busy this week. So call earlier in the morning and give yourself like 1-1.5 hrs where you don't have anything to do that would prevent you from staying on the line.

    I waited an hour and 20 min yesterday on hold to talk to the guy in Admissions. I'm not sure if this normal waiting times for the first week of the semester or not.
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    I've been looking at past UNF threads for an idea of what types of questions they ask at the interview. I wanted to put them all in one place for ease, so I figured I'd stick them here for other people too.

    Quote from LouiseJakobsen
    They introduced themselves to us and told us once again not to be competetitive and that there was no order in answering questions... like if you knew what you wanted to say, just speak up and go first. If you needed time to think of an answer, let a couple other people go first. But I would recommend not being the last person to answer EVERY time. So then they asked us to introduce ourselves... anything you want... name, where you work, where you are from, something you like to do... anything really. Then they asked us five questions. They vary every year... but ours were, in no particular order...
    1. Why do you want to be a nurse?
    2. How do you handle stress?
    3. If we asked your former boss or teacher your best three characteristics, what would they say?
    4. What is the hardest thing you have had to do in your life and how did you get through/overcome it?

    5. I forgot the last one!!!!!! sorry :-/ if it comes to me I'll post it.

    So we all answered questions #1, then went on... once we finished the questions they asked US if we had any questions. HAVE A QUESTION READY!!!!!!! AND GO FIRST WITH YOUR QUESTION!!! In case someone asks the same question LOL. I didn't have one ready, everyone else had asked a question and then everyone's heads turned towards me. I was like OH CRAP and thankfully I am quick on my toes and asked a question. Don't let your question be a silly one, make it count. Research the UNF nursing site and see what they are about etc. My favorite question asked in my group was something like this, "So you asked us how we handle stress, does UNF have any programs or clubs in place to help us learn to deal with the stresses associated with nursing school in a better manner?". I asked a question about community service involvement, a guy asked how many people who finish the program go on to become a more specialized nurse (NP, CRNA etc) and if UNF supported that.
    Quote from cmiles87
    Hi Vikea,
    The interview itself was very relaxed and was very informal compared to other interviews I've had. Everyone in my group took turns answering questions and I think everyone had the opportunity to answer 1st at least once. I think it is very important to work with your group and acknowledge other peoples answers and kind of build off of each other. I have heard that they want to see you can work well as a team. My best advice would be to have some examples ready to share about real life experience that demonstrate your best qualities and remember to relate your answer back to nursing and nursing school. That is another part I didn't do so well at my first time around on some questions. I thought my answers were pretty good but I should have added something at the end about how it relates back to being a nursing student or why I would make a good nurse.

    Our questions were:
    1. where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    2. Name something you don't like to do and what motivates you to get it done?
    3. How do you handle a difficult person?

    4. I'm drawing a blank on the last one

    Also be prepared to ask the interviewers a thoughtful question at the end.
    Quote from sunbaby0811
    I do remember there was "why nursing?", tell us something you've done that you are proud of and one question about ethics (something like "if you see someone doing something dishonest at work, what would you do". I cant remember the other two questions!
    Quote from HellooNurseRN
    What qualities do you look for in a nursing school, what brought you to nursing, what is something about yourself that you can't put on a transcript but you'd want us to know, and what do you see as a biggest challenge should you be accepted into nursing school
    Quote from McMudda
    I am a 3rd sem. student at UNF. The interview process is pretty relaxed. It is a group interview and everyone at the conference table setting gets a chance to answer questions like "When did you know you wanted to be a nurse?" "What makes you think you would be able to manage your life around the all-encompassing-nursing-school experience?" "WHat was the biggest obstacle in your life?" etc etc. Feel free to pm me if you want to chat!
    Quote from Waves142
    In my last interview, they asked what has tested your integrity?. I didn't know how to answer. I forgot what the word integrity even meant, and so did the other four girls in the interview. We were all silent for at least a minute. I doubt any of us got in. Does anyone know how to answer that question? Other questions they asked are: "What qualities do you think a nurse should have?" and "Is there something you would like to add to your resume but have never been able to find the right category for? If so, what is it?"
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    I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit on this site looking for a more accurate range than the 2012 information posted. I'm above the average of last years Fall term ,but it seems like there are a lot of competitive applicants each year.
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    If you're above the average from last fall (did they release info on those?), then I'm sure you'll be fine for an invitation for the interview. From there, it'll be mostly how well the interview goes, I think, since that'll be 50% of the final overall score.

    But it would be nice if the UNF nursing Facebook still posted the score ranges of people accepted to give us all an idea of the patterns.
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    The ranges for the Fall 2017 class was 3.77 in the prerequisites and 341.43 on the TEAS.
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    I just got the interview invite email, so people should check yours.

    Also, for any possible future people:
    This year, those invited to interview averaged 3.71 in prereq GPA and 339.08 on the TEAS, according to Beth.
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    Got an interview as well! Anyone know how often classes are and all that?
  9. by   idkmybffjill

    It sounds like it can depend on the semester? But I've read that classes are usually Monday through Thursday with the occasional Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure if that includes clinicals though.
  10. by   ashep94
    I got an invite too! My interview is at 10:30am.
  11. by   g8rgrad1219
    Hi ashep94! I got an interview invitation as well and was also schedule for the 10:30 AM time slot. Are you planning on attending the workshop in late February? Congratulations to everyone who got an interview and best of luck throughout the rest of this process!
  12. by   ashep94
    No I'm not I have something going on. :/
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    Hello everyone,
    I also got an interview for the Summer 2018. My interview time is 11:30 a.m. I have been a student at UNF for the past 2 years and actually interveiwed for the Fall 2017 and was watilisted for the nursing program. Unfortunately, I did not get called off the waitlist so I have been waiting to re-apply for the Summer 2018 cohort. Anyone attending the workshop scheduled for February 25th? I will be there! Excited for everyone and cannot wait for another shot at this!