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Hi I am about to start an accelerated 15months BSN program in NY this June. I am a working professional who is about to give up my stable paying job and take out a big loan to go back to school... Read More

  1. by   BChapp3182
    A new grad at any level is going to face a very hard market. I am a new grad nurse practitoner and after looking and applying to jobs every day, hundreds of jobs, I just last week got a part time job. Now I just need to get another one to make full time money.

    If you have a bachelor's I would go to PA school if you can get in. The program is longer but by the time you graduate which is about 3 yrs the economy might be more stable.

    If you decide to do the RN program I'd go part time and keep your current job. The unemployment in FL keeps rising and new figures are close to 12% (11.3 or something). I don't see that turning around for a few years at least.

    Honestly if you only have 2 months of savings to support your family, in 15months when you graduate, you can expect to sit unemployed at least 4-6 months so you don't have enough money to survive. You could always take out way more than you need for student loans and set it aside to plan for this. But that's just more money you have to pay back.

    I think the safest route would be to start something part time and keep your job. When the market starts to look better quit the job and go full time and finish up.

    I'm sorry to paint a bad picture but this is the reality of our hard times. Nursing is not a guranteed job like it was 10 yrs ago. Neither are midlevel jobs like NP or PA.
  2. by   Mel328
    A friend of mine with 15 years experience as a PA had to do a month unpaid training for her new job... and this was after two years of only getting per diem work.