UF Accelerated BSN, Summer 2018

  1. Hi all!

    It's pretty early on but I'd love to meet and chat with the potential applicants for this program. I also think it'd be great to have this forum in case we stumble upon application questions and such. Maybe some successful applicants in the past may pop in to say hello as well!

    What are your feelings about this program or even UF in general? Are you applying to other programs? Where are you from?
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  3. by   gskpriya96
    Hi!! I will also be applying to the accelerated program and I am anxious to start the application! I am currently a UF student finishing my undergrad, so I am super excited to continue with UF Nursing! I hope it all works out well! It was nice reading your post! Thank you!
  4. by   Minimalka
    Hey!!! Awesome, another Floridian. :-) I'm over at USF finishing up my pre reqs and whatnot. I hope it goes well for us! Are you applying to any other schools?
  5. by   gskpriya96
    I'll just be applying to the UF one both at Gainesville and Jax. How about you?
  6. by   Minimalka
    Awesome! I plan on doing the same in terms of UF but I'm also applying to USF (hometown). UF is my top choice, however, mainly due to their application process and what they take into consideration when viewing applicant criteria. I went to a USF seminar for their second sequence program and was not exactly taken with their process due to my own credentials and them not being taken into consideration with the USF application process.
  7. by   FLNurseA
    Hey guys! I also plan on applying for the ABSN Summer 2018! I graduated from UF in 2012 with a BS in Public Relations, minor in Business, certificate in International Relations and concentration in Spanish. I was a super senior and stayed an extra year (4 total) lol

    Anyway, I'm doing my remaining prereq's (Micro and A&P) at a community college right now. I should have a 3.54 GPA by the time I apply. I'm hoping that between the UF degree I already have, decent GPA and previous medical field experience, I'll have a good shot at getting in? What do you think? How are y'all feeling about it?
  8. by   gskpriya96
    Minimalka: I believe that its still worth a shot and you should try to apply anyway. Since we do not know what they actually look for, its tough on us. But try your best!

    FLNurseA: Hii! Its nice to meet you! And I am amazed at your post! I am so proud of you that you were able to achieve all that! Like you, I am wondering the same to see if I will get in. I am trying my best with my prereq, trying to increase my GPA, overall and for the post bac application. Speaking of which, since you are a previous UF student, do you also have to fill-out the post bac app? And you as well Minimalka? Is that a requirement for all students or just UF? I know for sure I will have a lot of questions on that.
  9. by   FLNurseA
    @gskpriya96 - It was my understanding that I'd need to apply as a "readmission applicant." Is that what you've heard?

    However, I looked at the criteria again just now and I think I'll need to retake statistics since I took it in the fall of 2009 not looking forward to that but I guess I can add it to my fall schedule! This is tough!
  10. by   Minimalka
    Hello again!

    @gskpriya96: Yeah I plan on applying to both!! It'd be nice to stay at home, but I love the Gators, so I'd be happy to get into either! And yeah it's definitely hard not knowing what they want in an applicant but we just need to try our best and prove why we are a great fit for their programs! :-) Also, because i'm not a UF student I have to fill out the post bacc degree!

    @FLNurseA: WELCOME TO THE CLUB! HAH! I think you have a good shot, especially if you do well in the pre reqs (at USF, they use specific pre req GPA to calculate points towards your application (specifically A&P, Micro and Stats), and it may be similar at UF!!). Continue working hard and you have a great shot at getting in! I think having experience in the field is great too since it could give you a good prespective about healthcare in addition to why you would want to be a nurse rather than say a PA or Physician... something that will def. come up during an interview i'm sure. I also have experience in the field, which is what lead me to the decision of becoming a nurse as well! :-)

    Also, I would recommend to email Kenneth (the UF advisor) with any questions about the app (for example you could talk to him about the stats class or whether or not to apply as re applicant or not). I emailed him with some questions and he got back to me quickly and was very kind/ helpful! Let me know if you need his email!
  11. by   gskpriya96
    @Minimalka: Thank you for reminding me! I have been meaning to email him but I never got to it! But I will do it soon. I have met him in person once and he is really nice and helpful in answering all my questions! I will keep that in mind and ask him soon! Thank you so much!!
  12. by   Minimalka
    @gskpria96: Yes, do it! I was impressed with his timing and kindness. If I lived closer or had the time, I would love to pop by his office to meet him, HAHA! Since you guys are UF students, how is living over there and even the instructors?
  13. by   gskpriya96
    Its a nice environment. Its a college town and then the surrounding area are suburbs. I like it. Also they are building and opening new stores near campus so you so nothing is too far away, especially for me since I do not have a car haha. And the teachers are nice as well, I believe that once you take classes in for your specific majors, the teachers are more caring and the help you out in academics or other opportunities.
  14. by   Minimalka
    @gskpriya96: That does sound really nice! I like that theres a lot to do/ great restaurants in Tampa, but for students without a car, it can be hard to get around. If and when I get out to UF, I hope to not need to use my car too often and it sounds like that may be the case. :-)
    And that's great to hear about the teachers! I hope the nursing program will be the same way, although I wouldn't see why they wouldn't be. I'm excited for the program because I believe we will have lots of opportunities to work with one another as well as our teachers. :-)