UCF Cocoa Beach/Daytona Spring 2013 - page 8

I am a pre-nursing student attending UCF Orlando Campus. I am applying this summer to Cocoa Beach and Daytona Campuses to start Spring 2013! Eeek! I know there have been other forums regarding... Read More

  1. by   kikila
    No they notify you either way
  2. by   lmrossitto
    They definitely send you a message either way. Just give it some time. They usually send to knights account if you have one. if not, then personal email/whichever you provided on application. I am going to go walk my dog & check when I get back.
  3. by   ybbawilliams
    Wait, the people who did get an email, which campus are you attending?
  4. by   kikila
    im freaking out too.. either way, they notify you
  5. by   emilypaige3692
    I also got my email sent to my personal account at exactly 5 pm. I was invited to interview and am extremely nervous about it. I have actually never been interviewed for anything before. I wish everyone luck. If I'm not mistaken, I think I had applied to both the Daytona and Cocoa campus..
  6. by   GatorCaneNurse
    i applied to the program last semester too and they sent my email around 6:30 so i'm sure by the end of the night everyone will get an email.
  7. by   bermuda74
    I just got my interview email!

    my scores are:

    about 3.4GPA (I haven't checked specifically)
    84.7 TEAS
  8. by   mc0323
    I applied for the cocoa program
  9. by   That Girl
    I applied to both campuses with Cocoa as my first choice. I don't know but the interview doesn't seem to be campus specific...they are being held at Orlando campus. The email was sent to my personal account which is what I put on my application.
  10. by   crystalcship
    Maybe it's just the first wave of interviews that were sent? Maybe they'll send a second wave soon?
  11. by   crystalcship
    Just got my email! Yay!!!!! Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   lmrossitto
    Am I the only one still waiting on an email??? Getting paranoid but last week I sent them an email with an updated email address and told them to use my knights account for all correspondance
  13. by   kikila
    still waiting too