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Per Mave's request... here's a post for all Tampa and W. Coast students! :) Where are you studying? And when did you start/ or will start?... Read More

  1. by   MMARN
    Quote from lauren3249
    not a dumb question... i wondered the same thing.
    i'm pretty sure that we don't. when we had our orientation, ms. sandrowitz told us that the uniforms were just for clinicals. she said we could even come to class (as in lecture) in our pajamas if we wanted.

    did you receive that email about the hospital orientation at dale mabry? it was supposed to be for the 9th, but the email stated that the orientation had been rescheduled for the 23rd.

    here... this is the email:

    to whom it may concern,

    this is jennifer from the nursing department of hillsborough community college. due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts, the mandatory hospital orientation has been changed from monday, january 9, 2006 to monday, january 23, 2006 at 9 am in the dale mabry student service building auditorium. we apologize for and inconvenience this may have caused, and we hope you have a great holiday season!

    best wishes,

    nursing department

    strange huh?

    thanks for the congrats. you should make it into the program w/ no problems. y'know, i had ormrod for micro and he was really good. i heard brannan was kinda hard.

    well, ttyl.

    oh my goodness!!! thank you for letting me know about the email. no hadn't received the email. i wonder if that means that we won't have clinicals til after the 23rd of january? thank you lauren3249. i really, really appreciate it. did you get the email from hawknet or did they send it to you to your personal email address?

  2. by   Lauren3249
    They sent it to my personal address.
  3. by   MMARN

    Did they tell you if that announcement was for all nursing stundent campuses and day and evening classes or just evening or what? I emailed Ms. Sandrowitz, but I guess she is still on vacation, b/c she hasn't written me back. Do you know?
  4. by   sassygal_000
    i go to usf...started fall '05

    good luck to everyone
  5. by   Lauren3249

    I don't know if you heard back from Ms. Sandrowitz yet, but I went ahead and emailed her. She wrote back and said the hospital orientation has been rescheduled for the entire nursing program.

    That's all she said. She's always very short in her emails. It's kind of aggravating, but I understand she probably has a lot of messages to respond to.

    Have you gotten all your supplies yet? Your books, your name pin, your uniform, your white shoes, etc. So much stuff to worry about.

    Oh, and welcome to everybody else here on the west coast!
  6. by   MMARN
    I haven't gotten my Med-Surg book and I haven't gotten my Clinical Calculations book. Know where to find that one? I don't have much green in the wallet, so I need to find the cheapest place.
  7. by   Lauren3249
    I was shocked by how many books we're going to have to buy. And how expensive they are! I went to the Plant City bookstore and if I buy my books there, it's going to cost about $500!!

    Tuesday is our first day. I'm so excited!
  8. by   MMARN
    I thought our first day was Thursday. (???)
  9. by   Lauren3249
    Maybe for Dale Mabry, but for Plant City students our first day is tomorrow (Tues). You're Dale Mabry right?
  10. by   MMARN
    Yes, I am. I start the 12th. Good luck to everyone who is starting NS here in the West Coast area!!!
  11. by   MB37
    Finally found a thread for students on my side of the state...I'm a prenursing student at USF, with one year (4 classes) of prereqs left. A&P I and Devel Psych this semester, A&P II and Nutrition next. Then finally, I can get this over with. Hopefully I'll get into the accelerated 2nd degree program for next year, and maybe be a nurse by the time I'm 30. Anyone else?
  12. by   PeachyERNurse
    Hey everbody! I'm a USF Accelerated BSN student. I'm so happy I FINALLY got into a nursing program! Only 390 days, 20 hours, and 5 minutes remaining 'till graduation!!!
  13. by   margaretptz

    My name is Margaret. I am starting my nursing classes at PHCC New Port Richy in January. I may be the oldest nursing student here!!! I am 55, but loving every mninute of it. Tomorrow we have orientation, I am defintely excited and scared to death at the same time.