Tampa Area Hospitals

  1. I will be moving to the Riverview area in a couple of months and would like
    input on what hospitals would be the best to apply at and of course to
    stay away from.
    I have worked med/surg and ortho and surgical floors mainly.
    I am presently in rolled in case management classes.
    If anyone could please give me any advice, would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   Journey_On
    I have heard good things about Tampa General Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital. TGH is a magnet facility and is a Level I Trauma center. I had to look up Riverview on a map, and it looks like Brandon is close to where you live. Brandon Regional Hospital would be close, but I have not heard much about it.

    If you are willing to travel a little more, there is the VA, Moffitt, and UCH in northern Tampa. Bayfront is in St. Pete, which is to the west of Riverview. And this is probably too far away, but I will go ahead and mention it anyway - Morton Plant (Clearwater), Mease Countryside (Safety Harbor), and Mease Dunedin are all one system, and all 3 of these are magnet facilities - I've had great clinical experiences there.
  4. by   icantypernnow
    Hi I live in Valrico and work M/S ortho at Bayfront. We have bayflight here and area top trauma hospital. I can say the training is great. If you have any questions. email me.
  5. by   AmericanRN
    check them all out
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  6. by   VU RN BSN
    University Community Hospital in Tampa (also known as UCH-Fletcher) is currently hiring RNs.
  7. by   VU RN BSN
    Almost forgot, but on Wednesday May 27th, there will be an RN Career Fair @ Florida Hospital Zephyrhills.