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  1. Hi, my name is marie, from pompano florida, I am searching for a private school, (lpn) to go to a.s.a.p. near my house (broward) fl
    the only one that I found is in westpalm beach, too far from pompano, and too expensive($15.000)
    know something in broward,e-mail me


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  3. by   Ltorres5351
    hi, I think thats a great price compare to where I may be going. They are charging me $24,000, for LPN in MEDVANCE INST in take advantage:smilecoffeecup:
  4. by   luv4nursing
    does it have to be a private school? Have u tried the tech schools and community colleges? Depending on the time of year their program starts and the selection process, u may be able to start sooner than u think and pay a fraction of the cost.
  5. by   Ltorres5351
    Yea I found a few but alot of them try to persuade me to do Sonography or radiology, due to the large portion of Biology.When you go to private they give u what u want.:typing
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  6. by   bensie
    please be very careful marie. most of these private schools are accredited with Fl. state board. I am having problem with the school i'm in. J l f university and its affliates caribean training center.
  7. by   busylady61
    Bensie is right.

    From the Dept. of Health and Florida Board of Nursing web site, check out this link:

    This is a list of all the nursing schools in Florida that are accredited at this time. If a school is not on this list, it is NOT accredited and you are taking a chance with all that money and time spent.

    Good luck!
  8. by   luv4nursing
    keep in mind the school doesnt necessarily have to be accredited (by the NLNAC-national league of nursing accreditation committee)...but it does need to be on the list of schools busylady posted above that are APPROVED by the FL board of nursing. This is what allows you to sit for boards and get licensed. As long as it is approved by the board of nursing, u should have no problems getting your license, transferring it to another state, or furthering your degree if u want to get ur RN later. From my understanding, it is more important for ADN programs to be NLN accredited bc if u go on to get your bsn, some schools require that to transfer your lower level nursing courses.
  9. by   Timeless22
    I think that 15,000 is great for private school, I had been researching for a while and that's probably as good as it will get I wanted to go private but I'm 22 I live alone and I just am not able to do it so I'll be going to a technical school. Good luck