State College of Florida Brandenton Campus Spring 2019

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm very new to this website so just learning how things work on here. Anyhow I currently live in Broward County (South florida) but my husband is being promoted/relocated to more central-west Florida. I just finished my pre-reqs and also had applied prior to his promotion to Broward College. I'm still waiting for the results to my application but since I'm not too familiar with this campus although the website clearly insinuates that this is THE PROGRAM to persue. I would like to hear any reviews whether good or bad for this program of SCF. I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I would apply for for spring term because the window for applications closed on May 15th. There is the option here for me to just stay here and see my husband on the weekends. I just have to make a decision soon.
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  3. by   WReed
    I'm applying to the Spring 2019 as well, I'm in Apollo Beach but willing to do the drive . Do you know if admissions are based only on the Pre-req GPA or overall?
  4. by   MJT_BSN2B
    This program is very competitive to get in. They receive over 300 apps for 80 spots. 40 in Bradenton and 40 in Venice. I know this because I went to one of their information sessions not too long ago. If you could make it to one, it's a good idea. Attend an Information Session! - State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
    Here is a link to the program requirements.. Basic Nursing Program - State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
  5. by   CastiMcNasti
    Quote from WReed
    I'm applying to the Spring 2019 as well, I'm in Apollo Beach but willing to do the drive . Do you know if admissions are based only on the Pre-req GPA or overall?
    The first thing they look at is if you have completed all Nursing Prereqs (4 courses: A&P I and II, Eng Comp 1 and College Level Math) and all Gen Ed Courses (5 courses: Humanities, Human Growth and Dev, Eng Comp II, Microbiology and Psych). If you have completed all 9 courses then you are marked as priority for admission. Once they have gone through those applicants, then the next in line are those with the most classes completed (i.e. 8/9 courses, then 7/9 courses, etc.). The minimum GPA for the Nursing Prereqs is 3.0 and the minimum overall (all 9 courses) is 2.75. They no longer require the TEAS, so I am going to guess that they will be receiving more applications than previous periods. MJT_BSN2B is correct that they accept 40 students at each campus (Bradenton and Venice) for a total of 80. When I went to the information session, it was my understanding that either the average GPA or the lowest GPA was around 3.56 for the Fall 2018 cohorts and that's the highest it's ever been. So, it was extremely competitive. This is because last application period was the first time they didn't require the TEAS. It is also my understanding that seats have already been given to students who were essentially waitlisted (she referred to them as alternates) from last application period. I don't know how many seats were already given out, but that makes it a lot more competitive.

    That being said, based on the NCLEX pass rate over the last couple of years, SCF is one of the top programs in the state. I will also be applying but I'm not super confident I'll be getting in. I've only completed 7/9 courses (the last 2 will be completed this fall) and my Prereq GPA sits at around 3.58 and my overall from the 7/9 sits at 3.70. So, we shall see. I think it's worth a shot since it looks like such a strong program.

    Good luck to everyone!
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  6. by   CastiMcNasti
    Oops... I misspoke. My Prereq GPA is 3.46. So, even worse than I thought... now I am really not feeling confident. haha
  7. by   CastiMcNasti
    Has anyone applied yet!?
  8. by   JeneeR
    HI !!
    I applied to spring 2019 prereq GPA with a 3.5 hopefully its high enough to get in
  9. by   WReed
    I just submitted mine! Sooo nervous, I have a 4.0 pre-req and 3.79 overall. I put Bradenton only though so I just made my chances cut by half... but venice is waaaayyy too far to be an option for me. Good luck everyone!!!
  10. by   WReed
    They sent out the email early!!! I got into Bradenton! Anyone else in my class?