State College of Florida Brandenton Campus Spring 2019

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I'm very new to this website so just learning how things work on here. Anyhow I currently live in Broward County (South florida) but my husband is being promoted/relocated to more central-west Florida. I just finished my pre-reqs and also had applied prior to his promotion to Broward College. I'm still waiting for the results to my application but since I'm not too familiar with this campus although the website clearly insinuates that this is THE PROGRAM to persue. I would like to hear any reviews whether good or bad for this program of SCF. I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I would apply for for spring term because the window for applications closed on May 15th. There is the option here for me to just stay here and see my husband on the weekends. I just have to make a decision soon.
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