SPC Nursing Program Spring 2017

  1. Anyone applying on allnurses for spring 2017?
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  3. by   germangirl93
    Me I finished everything but Microbiology and have a 4.0 so far. I hope I get accepted but it's driving me crazy to have to wait so long!
    What about you?
  4. by   ktaylor727
    I'm currently in the exact same situation! I believe we have a good chance of acceptance. I was told there aren't as many applicants for spring semester. Do you know if we have to take the TEAS or not?
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  5. by   breroses
    Where is everybody?! Applications were due yesterday! Nobody's talking.
  6. by   germangirl93
    I was wondering about that too! The threads of other semesters are full of people that applied and talking!
    Maybe that's a good sign and not so many applied
  7. by   breroses
    That would be nice! Haha. The other schools I applied to are really getting into their respective forums, so this has been the the only one that hasn't been active!
  8. by   dmgr3y
    I applied as well! A little over a month and we'll know, fingers crossed!
  9. by   b.nguyen
    Hi guys!I recently graduated in May from SPC.

    No, you do not need to take the TEAs. The admitting committee look at GPA (very important) and residency. I hope this help, let me know if you guys have any other question.
  10. by   ktaylor727
    Congrats!!!! Quick question, if a student was selected for the day program do you think it would be overwhelming to take additional classes during the summer? I understand every students situation is different, I just wanted the opinion of some one who has actually been through the program.
  11. by   germangirl93

    you both aren't dropping out of Micro, are you?
    I spoke to an advisor today and I'm just gonna try and finish this semester because I don't want to drop lecture AND lab. As Nikki said, if we had to take it again it would only be the class we failed (lecture or lab) and then the grade gets replaced if we do take it again, without any effect on the GPA then. There'll just be a note that it was taken twice.
  12. by   ktaylor727
    No, neither of us are dropping. I was just thinking about taking some of the pre-reqs for the bachelor's degree during the summer.
  13. by   dmgr3y
    For those wondering,

    There was a total of 399 applications sent in for Spring 2017, and out of that only 90 are accepted into the regular RN program. The applications are evaluated solely on the points system with Pinellas county residents given first priority. So those of us with everything complete except micro/lab with a 4.0 GPA are standing with 66/70 points - this puts us in the same position as an applicant who has completed all pre-requisites and holds a 3.6 GPA (assuming both reside in Pinellas county). Unfortunately there is no difference in our chances of acceptance due to the point system they use, even if you have the more competitive academic record.

    I was also told that admissions decisions will likely be sent out BEFORE Nov. 1st - so keep your eyes open for that e-mail!
  14. by   Jmp06k
    Has anyone gotten a decision yet???