SPC Nursing Fall 2018

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Thought I would be the first person to start a SPC Nursing Fall 2018 thread. Even though we still have one semester left before applying, I thought I would start a thread to get the ball rolling and to see where everyone stands. If are applying for the program in Fall of 2018, please let us know the amount of credits you will have at the time of applying and what your cumulative and program GPA's are. As for me, I will have 30 of 30 credits completed and a cumulative GPA of 3.9, with a program GPA of 4.0.
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  3. by   Christina.P.E
    Hello all,

    At the time of applying I will have all 30 credits completed. Currently I have a 4.0 GPA, fingers crossed it stays the same through spring semester!
    Thank you Dallas for creating this board! I am looking forward to interacting and getting to know my future classmates!
  4. by   ddeburger
    I think I know you! Lol! Anyhow, I think you will be fine.
  5. by   RebeccaMichelle
    Hey! I am also applying for fall of 2018. The one thing I noticed was that chemistry, human development, and nutrition were not required classes we need to take to get into the program. I wonder why that is? Every other program I have looked into requires those classes.
  6. by   ddeburger
    I have been researching bachelor's programs for awhile now and those classes are required to get into a bachelor's program, but not the ASN program. It is totally confusing to me. I am taking some classes over the summer while I wait to see if I get accepted into the program. I just want to get some out of the way, plus I am going to go crazy waiting to see if I get accepted. Got to be busy doing something.
  7. by   jhope5
    To answer your question, its because this is an A.S.N program but those classes are required in after you graduate and apply for the BSN.

    On a side note, I personally like this program (not just because the total cost is 10k), but its because during the time you are getting your BSN, and you can work full time and at your own desired classload per semester (since its mostly online). Additionally, I have noticed that students from the program praise the support services such as the tutoring they offer.
  8. by   ddeburger
    Which school did you attend?
  9. by   soon2Bmurse
    Greetings Everyone
    I too will be applying in the fall. I'll be requesting. admission with a 3.7 GPA for the program. Does anyone know where the cut off was last fall ?
  10. by   ddeburger
    I believe it was somewhere around 3.76 or so and that was for alternates.
  11. by   RebeccaMichelle

    I know they don't review applications until May, but is anyone going to apply right away tomorrow? Applications are open tomorrow and I just want to get that out of the way and make sure everything is in order. I am very excited! I am not sure what my GPA will be when I am done with this semester. It is at a 3.6 but this semester I retook psychology because when I first took it back in 2011, I received a C. You know how the first year of college can go lol So, I will have an A in all the required courses except for ENC 1101. I decided not to retake that class since I received a B when I took it in 2011 at my first college. I might retake it this summer though but I am not sure why other than raising my cumulative GPA.

    I was also wondering if everyone was going to get their BSN at SPC or if you are planning on going to a university for your BSN?
  12. by   cmirro2004

    Just submitted my application . The countdown begins .

    Good Luck everyone :-)
  13. by   RebeccaMichelle
    A very long countdown!
  14. by   jhope5
    I applied right when the applications opened March 1st. I can't wait until the applications are looked through and hopefully we all are accepted. I heard that going through the N.I.P. (the tutors for the health education center, I forgot the actual words for the acronym,) two weeks before classes start are a great way to help prepare you mentally for the classwork. It is set up by the same people who did the anatomy and physiology workshops at the Gibbs Campus.

    I personally want to get my BSN through SPC as its online and it can be paced, so you don't overdo work and school. I have seen that a BSN from SPC is treated the same as a BSN from another establishment.

    So if anyone is tuning in on this thread, here's a cool GPA calculator (GPA Calculator).