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  1. Hello everyone

    I wanted to know if they are any schools in south florida that i can apply to if i only have one more course to take.

    --Also if i apply while taking my last course (summer) even tough i would need that course would that increase my chances of getting into the program?

    ----Also are they any courses towards my nursing degree that i can take if i'm not in the program yet? Someone mentioned Pharmacology however everywhere i looked it seem you have to be in the program. If they had online courses that would be great.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   NewGoalRN
    First, it would help if you list all of the pre-reqs that you have taken and the one that you have left as many of the schools here require different things.

    Also, I believe that Palm Beach Community college offers a 2 and 3 credit pharmacy course online and in person that Broward Community College accepts. I'm not sure if Miami Dade accepts it and I know that Hillsborough Community in Tampa probably won't.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   LegacyJS
    The only course i have left is A&P II which i am taking this summer. I will look into the pharmacology course. Thank you
  5. by   NewGoalRN
    Broward Community College gpa only for pre-reqs

    both with labs
    English 101
    Intermediate Algebra
    Chemistry - does not require lab but I strongly suggest to have lab as Miami Dade requires it

    Micro is not a pre-reqs but it is helpful to have it when applying. I know for the May 2009 class, GPAs were 3.1 with micro, for this past January's class which was more competitive, the lowest GPA was around 3.4.

    Miami Dade
    has a bit different pre reqs. Where about in S. Florida are you? I believe that you 'may' still have time to apply for Broward but I am not sure. HOwever, you do have to have both of your ap classes completed.

    there web site is
    I just read where yu are taking ap in the summer...that may be a program. I believe the deadline is May 15th so I believe that you have to apply for the Jan 2010 class. However, my sis says that you may have a chance with Miami Dade (cummulative gpa)

    Good luck
  6. by   ice2015
    I actually took A&P II online through the University of Phoenix. It was an awesome class and the lab is included. They also offer pharmacology. UM will apps as long as you will complete the course by the beginning of the program. The good thing about the University of Phoenix is that the courses are starting all of the time so you may be able to get it out of the way now.
  7. by   NewGoalRN
    That may be an option for her. However, if you are referring to University of Miami, I know someone who graduated from there and they require more pre reqs and the cost is astronomical.

    I believe Miami Dade may let you apply if all the classes are not completed. I am not sure which ones. I also know that their pre reqs are a bit different from BC. They require, of the top of my head, Chemistry w/lab, I believe a Psyc course, some other weird course etc. Check out their website and good luck.
  8. by   ice2015
    YOu r right, UM is expensive. I start their accelerated BSN program in May. There pre reqs are basically the same as the other schools, micro, chem, chem lab, growth and development, nutrition, psych, sociology, and A&P I and II. YOu can apply and still be taking pre reqs but you must be finished with them before the start of classes on May 20. You cannot take them concurrently because it is a bachelor degree whereas some of the programs are associates and will allow you to take them concurrently.
  9. by   NewGoalRN
    congrats and good luck to you in the program. I know someone who graduated from there and she just got hired at one of the UM affiliate hospitals (night shift and specialty diff = ~$32/hr)