SJRCC VS. FCCJ Admission

  1. Hello guys, I need help in making a final decision between these two schools and their merits. For FCCJ all prereq's are done this spring term, but I need to retake the test for better points for a chance to be accepted for Fall. On the other hand, I also give SJRCC a consideration but I still have to take another prereq that is required before taking their entrance exam, which mostly like if I get, it won't happen until next year. My question is, is it worth taking another class that doesn't need at my desired school (fccj) but for a chance at another? Any of your advice are greatly appreciated
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  3. by   np_wannabe
    I can't help but ask how good you think your chances are of getting into FCCJ....after you re-take the NET (or whatever they are using now), will you have at least 180 points? If so, your chances of getting in to FCCJ will be strong, so I wouldn't take the extra class.

  4. by   12breakfree
    Currently I'm studying for the retake and will do that sometime at the end of this month before going to have my surgery. My chance of getting in is good, I guess, if I can bring up another 15-20 points at least of my last test. Am I having my hope too high? I thought if I have to take another class and won't get in until next year, might as well wait for FCCJ without wasting money and energy.
  5. by   kamij
    I think it would be worth it. That way you can apply to both schools. Are you talking about the Human Nutrition course?
  6. by   kamij
    Im new to all this, can you tell me how the whole "POINT SYSTEM" works? Including the NET. Thanks
  7. by   hawkfdc
    My first question is where do you live. If you live closer to SJRCC than FCCJ north campus then I'd be going to SJRCC. IMO considering gas is creeping towards $3.00 per gallon.
  8. by   12breakfree
    That's a good question and that's very true on the gas price. I live closer to SJRCC, but if I get accepted per se this Fall then I got to start the program sooner
  9. by   hlfpnt
    Just my , but if you are talking about Human Nutrition, it's easier on-line than in a class room. I took the extra class & took my chances with in on my first try. It did put me waiting a semester to start, but at least I didn't have to deal with an alternate list situation.
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  10. by   kamij
    Thanks. I am currently taking Human Nutrition online, two weeks left . How is/was the Nursing program at SJRCC? Do you know how many points needed to get in?
  11. by   hlfpnt
    I had 136 points on my app (at that time max 150 & if I lived in Clay county I would have had 146) & got in first try, but at the time the NAT (same as FCCJ's NET) test wasn't a requirement for it is. So there may have been an adjustment in the points requirement. With the exception of Rehab, SJRCC's curriculum is the same as any other ASN/ADN program...foundations, pharm, med/surg, psych, maternal/child, & transitions/leadership. There's group projects every semester, care plans/papers to write, exams/quizzes, & of course clinicals. Also, FCCJ requires college algebra as a prereq & SJRCC doesn't. I did all my prereqs at FCCJ & transfered to SJRCC for the program mostly because they didn't have a mile long waiting list that could have put me out more than just one semester. For myself & my situation at the time, SJRCC was the better choice. Good luck in which ever you choose!
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  12. by   12breakfree
    Umm...The one thing I dislike SJRCC's system is that they don't even allow me to apply even though I have had completed all the prereqs except HUM. I would probably be able to get in if I was able to apply, but now the next year is the earliest and only possible time frame for me to start. Why are these schools make things so complicated for all of us?
  13. by   hlfpnt
    Sounds like they've changed alot of their requirements. I was about half way through hum, micro & hum nut (my last semester of prereqs) when I applied & then just sent them my final grades. I don't know why colleges make it so complicated, but that's always been my experience, too.
  14. by   sbc8201
    I took a bunch of my pre-reqs at sjrcc, but I am opting to go to fccj for the program. I got a bunch of run-around from sjrcc and they weren't going to accept my highschool AP classes for credit. It saved me a bunch of time and $$$$$ for fccj accepting my AP scores. It still kind of sux b/c fccj only gives passing credit for AP scores (point value is worth a "C"), but it is better than receiving no credit and having to take the class again. I know for me that fccj seems to give the students more exposure to different facilities and has alliances with the major hospitals and rehab facilities in town.

    You would think with such a shortage, it wouldn't be so hard - but as the old saying goes, "Anything worthwhile..................