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  1. by   GatorLove

    Do any of you know how many points applicants in the past have usually had? I calculated mine and I have about 75...however I dont have 5 for military, or the 5 for a previous application..the other points I missed are not having a CNA...and having B's rather than A's. I also missed points for not taking CGS....but I took another class that had to do with computers, so I'm wondering if they will accept that. Anyone have any info on the program?
  2. by   SFChopeful2013
    Each year the points change but last year the cut off was 67 points. If you email a nursing advisor (email found on website) then you should be able to ask then they should be able to let you know if the course transfers hope this helps! I personally think 75 is good enough!
  3. by   GatorLove
    Thanks! I hope so ... I'm so aggravated because I have applied to accelerated bsn programs and haven't been able to get in... I'm not sure why either... I have great grades and have done everything they have asked, I guess its just extremely competetive. I have an AA, a bachelors, and a Masters (bachelors and masters are from UF).I just want to go to nursing school haha... I hope Santa Fe accepts me ... Are any of you interested in doing the RN to bsn bridge after the program?
  4. by   SFChopeful2013
    Wow I'm so sorry that sounds terrible! Yes I will be doing RN-->BSN bridge while working as soon as I finish.
  5. by   GatorLove
    Same here! Good luck to you ...have you calculated your points?
  6. by   SFChopeful2013
    Yes I have! I applied last year and did not get in which was a huge bummer so this year I worked really hard. As long as I finish my CNA class and get my license as planned I will have 81 points. I'm applying to more than one school as well to keep my options open. (UCF, SF, and Adventist University of health sciences)
  7. by   sappa
    Does anyone know what the nursing schedule is like? I am trying to figure out if I need to look for a new job and type of hours I should be looking at.... if I get in.
  8. by   Tot1234
    Hi, I am currently in the RN program at SF. Sappa, when you first get into the program you will be in class Monday-Friday 9-4 for the first couple of weeks. After that you will probably have about 2 days off a week. The schedule pretty much varies. If you are going to change jobs, you should try to get a job with a flexible schedule or a job that will work with you.
  9. by   sappa
    Thank you, Tot1234. That is very helpful. When did you find out your schedule? Was it the first day of class or was it before then? I am getting really excited. I spoke with a counselor and found out I have more points than I thought. Fingers crossed!!!
  10. by   Tot1234
    A couple of days before school start your Angel account will have the class posted. It will show the calendar for the semester.
  11. by   UF2010
    Went to go apply last week and it looks like I'll have 75 points! I am praying to God that that'll be enough!!!! Not sure what I'll do with myself for a whole year if I don't get in. Soooooooooo nervous.
  12. by   SFChopeful2013
    75 is really good! I think you'll get in!
  13. by   SFChopeful2013
    I applied today!! So nervous

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