Santa Fe College ASN Class of 2014!!

  1. Hello to all my future classmates and a gigantic CONGRATS on getting accepted to one of the best nursing schools in Florida! I look forward to meeting all of you in the Fall. I wanted to start this thread to help us all get everything in order. There is so much that has to be done!

    I saw they registered me for Nursing Process 1 on my eSantaFe. They haven't determined the cost yet, which is a bit scary. Has everyone scheduled their fingerprint appointment? The lady at the front desk said spots are going fast. Also when and where are you getting your cpr done? I know it has to be Red Cross certified, but does anyone know where you can get it done for less than Santa Fe's $55?

    I enjoyed having this site to keep my mind off the "waiting for letter" process. I hope it will also prove useful in waiting for classes to start. I'm so excited, I'm anxious. Once again congrats and I look forward to meeting all of you!
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  3. by   yvchilds
    I got in and I couldn't be more excited! Im looking forward to Aug. already!
  4. by   Kayteamarie
    Hey ASNHopeful2012 =)

    I am looking forward to meeting you as well. I am glad you started a forum for this because they helped each other a lot last admittance period =)

    I have a question about all of the paperwork we had to download off the site. There are a couple pages that I'm not sure when they are due because it isn't stated on the paper that came with our acceptance letter. It is the Level 2 National Background Check form that we have to sign and the VECHS waiver agreement paper. Do you think we just turn that in with all the other paperwork that is due on the 18th of July?

    Thanks!! So excited to meet everyone! =)
  5. by   CShaia
    Hi everyone! I can't believe I didn't see this board sooner! I also got into the Asn program starting this fall! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone!
  6. by   CShaia
    Katyteamarie, From my understanding all of the paper work is due by July 18. hope that helps! I signed up for the July 5th CPR class at Santa fe, anyone else going to that class?!
  7. by   ASNHopeful2012
    Does anyone know someone who has completed this program? I'm curious how clinicals work. I noticed in the letter it said, "Please note, clinicals are scheduled Wednesday through Sunday, day or evening. Assignments to clinical are at the discretion of the program. Due to the limited clinical sites, student requests are not accepted."

    I completed my CPR class last night, I took it with Jennifer and Dan and it was the most thoroughly explained CPR class I've ever taken. Yes everything should be turned in by July 18th.

    Also does anyone know if financial aid requirements are different for those in the program? I ask because the ASN program this upcoming semester is only 8 credit hours and finanical aid usually requires you to be enrolled for 12 hours. I don't want to have to take extra classes I don't need.
    Thanks guys!
  8. by   CShaia
    Asnhopeful, I am in the same boat with financial aid, I plan on going to talk to the financial aid counselor on Monday. I'll let you know what they say we should do
  9. by   luna02525
    Congratulations to everyone reading this who got into the program. I'm getting very excited! However, I still have a lot of school work to do before the semester even starts...wahhhh! Ah well. Can't wait to get my scrubs and shoes and pick out a stethoscope. Haha.
  10. by   CShaia
    Hi everyone! I was looking on the website trying to find the 2012-2013 handbook, but can only find the 2011 and 2010 handbooks. Have any of you been able to locate the one we need to read over? Luna- I feel the same way about scrubs!! Lol it will all feel real when we put those on! Woohoo!
  11. by   luna02525

    I asked about the current handbook when I made a call for my fingerprint appointment. The office said the 2012 handbook would be up at the end of June or first week of July (so very soon!). However, she mentioned the dress code was not going to change if that was a concern.

    Ok book question:

    I am getting around to pricing my books and materials and noticed there is something called the "Sim chart 2 year electronic med chart acc". I copied the ISBN into Amazon and there was nothing! I then copied it into google and came up with this:

    YIKES! Expensive!!! No way to get around paying less for that one, lol.
  12. by   CShaia
    Thanks!! I haven't looked up prices on books outside of the bookstore yet, if I find anything cheaper I will post! I hope there is a less expensive way to get them! Lol Do y'all know if there is a Facebook group or anything for our class? I literally know no one and am super nervous! Can't wait to get started!! Have any of you gotten your scrubs yet?
  13. by   Corrissa038
    All the supplies and books for this semester are going to be so expensive!...Don't worry CShaia, I don't know anyone else either and I'm kinda nervous too but excited. I haven't gotten my scrubs yet but I plan on getting them soon.
  14. by   CShaia
    Corrissa, that eases my nerves a little to know someone else is in the same boat as me thanks!! I'm going to get my scrubs soon too, where are you going?