Salaries in Daytona Beach area

  1. I have posted previously but never recieved any specific answers related to salary/wages. If any nurses in the Daytona area please give me an idea of starting wages for Halifax and Florida Memorial? I'm a BSN for 24 years with the last 8 out of practice due to raising kids.I had my own business during that time which I recently sold as ready to return to clinical setting. Previous experience has all been in CCU/ICU/CVICU/Burn ICU, case management and NCM/House Supervisor as an idea of background. Any info on the VA Nursing home also (I qualify for Vet preference here) and other LTC facilities? Anyone at the Tomoka Correctional Facility also? Just trying to consider all options for the moment. Any info would be highly appreciated.
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  3. by   luv4nursing
    do you need benefits? I noticed some very attractive rates thru agencies. Im not sure about the salary for the hospital, etc. I would check with HR at various places. They are usually pretty willing to provide that info or at least a range.
  4. by   Lacie
    I've tried cold calling to get the info but they are reluctant to give me even a range. I get the "come in and fill an application out first" doh....I'd rather have an idea before I waste thier time and mine in regards to some positions.
  5. by   redrat
    $20-$23/hr with benefits in a critical care setting..
  6. by   bethinct
    Anyone know LPN salarys in Daytona Beach/Palm Coast. Thanks!! Most interested in LTC
  7. by   afl123
    I am a new nurse and starting salary is $18.75 in daytona (Halifax) and $17.69 in Palm Coast (Florida Memorial) in St Augustine 30 minutes north of Palm Coast is $19.00 (Flagler Hospital.)

    Hope this helps.
  8. by   Lacie
    I ended up going to dialysis which turned out higher pay then the hospitals. Actually think I'm going to enjoy it also.