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has anyone enrolled in the inaugural accelerated bsn class that started january 2009? what are your impressions so far? thank you, topcat... Read More

  1. by   Eniso
    Congratulations Jodihvt. Am waiting to hear from Remington too for the early decision. When did you have your phone interview? I had mine last Friday with Ms. Pam, live in Orlando,and my applications completed, but have not received any letter. I pray something comes through before the end of the week.
  2. by   Jodihvt
    Eniso, I had my interview the week before September 24 week. I wish they made all decisions sooner for people. I hope they will review more applicates soon, so more know. I hope more find out soon, espically those who will be looking for roomate, since that is where I am at now.
  3. by   vanessa89
    Pam emailed me today and said that if you havent received a letter by now, you probably have not been considered for early decision :-/ They will look at everyones applications in November. Accepted people for Remington for January you mind sharing GPA/TEAS scores? Though I do understand RCON looks into applications as a whole, not only scores. Good luck everyone :-D
  4. by   Eniso
    Thanks for your response. How I wish too, well, I will keep on believing for the best.
  5. by   Eniso
    That would be nice to know, at least for us to know the scores considered for early decision.
  6. by   Soccermang21
    I had my phone interview September 20th and they sent out my early admission acceptance letter on September 26th. I was told before I was accepted that they would send out my letter quickly because I was from out of state, NY, so that I would have time to find living arrangements.

    Teas 84
    Science GPA 3.9
    Overall GPA 3.1

    Good luck to everyone! Where is everyone looking to live? I have never been to this area of florida so I'm not sure what neighborhoods I should be looking in. Any advice would be welcomed!
  7. by   Jodihvt
    CongratsSoccermang21 on getting accepted!

    I had an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.6 and my science are around 3.4 rightnow (still have to complete A & P 2, will be done in December with that.Test taking is not my strong point, so I got 72 on TEAS exam. I defiantly thinkthought that the overall profile you present to them is reviewed, not oneaspect is most important.

    Soccermang21, are u from upstate area? I live in VT, southern part, so curiousif I know the area you live around. So obviously those who live around the areawould know best. But I actually did go down end of summer and looked at collegeand area, and did some vacation things in Florida. I thought Lake Mary wasnice, kept up nice and a lot of things you need at a very close distance(shopping, grocery stores, pharmacy, ect). When I was down there I did toursome of the facilities on the list Pam can give you. Not sure if she sent thatto you. It gives list of places students have stayed and liked it, (clean, notto noisy, good experience). I am in the same boat you are though. I am sure some places could be cheaper moretowards Orlando. Although being that I do not know that area that well I likedthe thought of being close to the school and having less distance to travel. Iliked some of the place I looked at and one of them, Pebble Creek (I believe),12 or so of the students who were enrolled in program at the time lived there.I am looking for a roommate, so my rent and expenses would not be so high. Ifanyone is interested, let me know, we could talk.
  8. by   Soccermang21
    I'm originally from Jamestown, Ny near Buffalo but I did my undergrad in Plattsburgh until I moved to Long Island. I'm going to be living with my wife, who is going to be 5 months pregnant in January so we're not looking for a roommate sorry...
    Did you contact the students that lived in Pebble creek?
    Any idea how much utilities are down there like water and electric? I live in an apartment in a house and everything is included in the price so I've never had to deal with separate bills.
    I did get the list from the school and have been looking at Colonial Grand at Townpark and Legends, but they are on the high end of what I would be comfortable paying. I contacted Pebble Creek, but still waiting for them to call me back.
    How are you getting all of your stuff down there?
  9. by   Jodihvt
    So I did not contact any students directly about how they like Pebble Creek,Pam just told me several of them live there. She did say though that she haslived in the Colonial Grand more than one of their branches and liked those (the one you mentioned). Idid tour the one in Heathrow and it was very nice, but I agree higher on pricerange. For utilities I am not that for sure, the person that gave me tour saidwater/sewer usually around $60 for 1 person, $50-$150 (summer months) can beelectric/heat and then you have cable/internet which I would think is likearound here $50-$100 month. Again, I am sure those who live in Florida knowmore than me, this is just estimation the guy gave me. In regards to how to getstuff down there, it will depend on if I get a roommate, less stuff. If I endup getting single apartment, will probably rent a small U-Haul trailer andbring down that way.

    A question to those who are in the program now or have been in past and that donot originally live in the area. Any suggestions how you found a roommate??? Iknow that Pam said some find at orientation, any other suggestions.