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Hi Everyone,I just love all the info on this site and am hoping that someone can give me any info on the hospitals in the south west area of Florida.We are relocating this summer to the Port... Read More

  1. by   rjflyn
    So far so good. My first assignment was up the other day. Getting ready to start my second. The first hospital really wanted me to stay on as staff. But knowing what I make as a travel nurse and what their payscale was it wasnt going to happen at this time.

    Benefits were mentioned in another post and I look at what the hospital provides even though I will not be using them as it give on an idea as to how they feel about their staff in general. I have in my mind that being a health care worker my benefits should be the best avalible and at no or minimal cost to me. SO if they feel staff are important they will have those costs low.