Relocating from WI to Sarasota/Bradenton,FL

  1. i'm in need of some reputible hospitals or home health agency suggestions in the bradenton/sarasota area. anyone work at a place where it is actually great working for them??

    what steps or documents do you need to get a fl license. i received info in the mail from the state of wi but is really hard to understand what you exactly need-it's not very well put together (the packet of info).

    we will be moving in april most likely. i make $23/hour now as a new grad in a nicu here in appleton, wi. i don't look forward to the $6 cut in pay but look forward to nice weather .

    any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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  3. by   chickpea49
    I'm also from Wisconsin and will be taking an assignment in that area in January (am really hoping for Bradenton). I have not heard anything bad about either Bradenton hospital - Manatee or Blake (I've been searching the forums and have found 2 good reviews about Manatee - wish I could tell you where I found them). Have you been down there already? I LOVED Sarasota - but know nothing about the hospitals.
  4. by   chickpea49
    If you have internet access, the FL license application is not too complicated. There is an online application to complete, you have to pay $ to Nursys for WI to verify to FL that you are licensed, you have to take a mandatory Medical Errors continuing education course (available for $15 on line), and get fingerprinted (another step on line, then you go to your local police department and send it to FL). It sounds like a lot of hoops but really wasn't that bad. Make sure you save your receipts - either for taxes or if your travel company will reimburse the expense.
  5. by   Tweety
    Are you an RN or LPN? Because if you're an RN your put cut won't be $6.00/hour. Maybe a dollor or two at most, if any at all.

    I've heard good things about Sarasota Memorial in Sarasota. I'm sure you can Google it.

    Contact the State of Florida BON about the process of getting a license here. Basically it's a matter of paying the money. I think now they require fingerprints. You're wise for trying to start the process of getting your license now as Florida is nortiously slow and full of red-tape.
  6. by   lpnflorida
    I might also suggest she look at what CEU;s florida requires which might be different from what she has needed in Wi. such as the 4 hour HIV required for inital licensure here in Florida. I found it took about 2 months when I moved from Wi to Fl. for all the paper work to go through,but my license had been in MN. The Sarasota/ Bradenton area is beautiful.
  7. by   LovesLucy
    Sarasota Memorial is a magnet awarded hospital. My sister has worked there for 16 years in all areas and loves it! It is my first stop when I graduate. They have an outstanding education department as well.