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  1. My program LPN starts March 14, and I am so ready! I went to the school (Lake Tech) today and applied for their in house scholarships and got registered for the first semester, and just purchased my first book online, and other advice on supplies I should buy other than the obvious, highlighters, sticky tabs, etc... like what is a good stethoscope (if you are a lake tech student are there any color restrictions?) good white scrubs that are not see through!! any helpful info appreciated? also if anyone knows of any scholarships or places I could go for sponsorship would be great too!
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  3. by   CYoungLPN
    Aww congrats you'll do fine DON'T over think things &&& take EVERY opportunity to ask questions and learn from the things around u & I know it's gonna sound crazy but when I start my LPN-RN bridge program I'm gonna take my own advice but here it is...try to do NCLEX style questions all thru school see they don't teach u how to answer NCLEX questions in school the tests in school are straight to the point and easy compared to NCLEX try to get yourself familiar with NCLEX style questions I promise it'll pay off in the end! && pray u will be fine I almost sometimes kinda miss nursing school lol....kinda
  4. by   CYoungLPN
    & highlighters!!!! Lots of highlighters!! All of my old books look like a rainbow threw up on them lol
  5. by   rachel8908
    Thanks for the advice, I would not have thought about the NCLEX vs School wording on test!! and I have bought plenty of highlighters!