Questions about SCF's ASN program, or USF BSN

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    I'm trying to decide which path to nursing is the best for me. I have a BS in teaching. I can take a bunch of classes and apply for an acclerated BSN at USF (this would be the shortest way to a BSN, but I'd need so many pre-reqs it'll probably take just as long as an ASN, plus I live an hour away from USF Tampa ), take 4 classes and apply to an ASN at SCF (obviously this is a longer route to a bsn, I've need the ASN first), or the LPN-RN route.

    My question is why does SCF require you to have a license as a CNA before applying to the ASN? In my reseach, it doesn't seem standard. It would add time and expense to my route to nursing. Because of this, I'm thinking the LPN-RN is the best way to go since the CNA is already built-in to the LPN, which woun't add any time or expense to getting my nursing degree. The LPN program transfers to SCF as the first year of nursing school.

    Also, what's the wait list like at SCF/USF? How do you like the program? I'm taking a pre-req there and am loving it. I wish SCF had an accelerated BSN, that would be my perfect solution!!!!

    Is there any program that does LPN-BSN besides Barry? I don't speak Spanish so Miami and south FL is out for me. Also, I'm only looking at state programs because I'm not spending a fortune at one of those "career colleges". Thanks for any insight you can offer! As you can see, I'm all over the map and don't really know which path to take.
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  3. by   WannaBNursey
    Wow this was a long time ago! Hopefully I can help. I think SCF is doing it to weed people out, simple concepts like handwashing and bathing old people don't take forever to teach and I don't think it lowers their expenses by much. I think it's a ridiculous requirement as well, but I'm already a CNA so it doesn't really effect me.

    There is no waitlist to SCF, if you don't get in one semester you'll have to reapply the next semester to get in. At SCF GPA is all that matters, nothing else matters at all, so take your time and get all A's! Don't bother applying if you haven't finished ALL of the pre-req's and co-req's. I was in microbiology with a woman who had a stellar GPA and applied without having finished her micro class and she was immediately denied.

    I don't know exactly where you live, but if you live in Charlotte county consider applying to Edison State College, they also have an LPN to RN program. Being an LPN no longer guarantees that you will get into an RN program as it used to. More and more people recognize that it's much easier to get into the LPN-RN programs and they now seem to be getting competitive. I don't know of any LPN-BSN programs, I didn't know that they even existed.

    I would consider FGCU if I were you. It seems like the easiest college to get into period. They take overall GPA and not just pre-req GPA, so it makes a difference there.

    I'm going to apply everywhere in the area, including the LPN program and CTC. My pre-req GPA is pretty low, which essentially bars me from SCF, but you never know if somebody is going to drop out, if the CNA and higher TEAS test score deters more people etc.
  4. by   BeagleBabe
    Thanks for the info. Since I already have a BA, I'm also thinking about applying to FGCU's occupational thearpy program. I'm not sure what direction I'm going in. I'll just apply everywhere and see who want me!
  5. by   LegacyJS
    What did you end up doing? Also do you know how long is the LPN-BSN barry program?
  6. by   BeagleBabe
    Legacy: I will be applying to USF and FGCU for BSN programs this February. I decided to take the time to do all the BSN pre-req's. Now I just hope it wasn't all for nothing! If I don't get in, I'm applying to rad tech as a back-up, and I'm still thinking about RRT as another back-up. But I REALLY want nursing so let's hope it doesn't come to that! Either way, I have faith the universe will guide me to where I need to be. I'm too smart, ambitious, talented and interested in a middle-class lifestyle to stay in my current dead-end, low-paying job (teaching).

    And I'm not applying to SCF because I can't see wasting $1,000 on a CNA class. That's probably why they couldn't fill all the seats for spring on the Venice campus (they re-opened the application due to vacancies! Have you ever heard of that in nursing? Methinks their standards are too high!)
  7. by   WannaBNursey
    SCF Venice hasn't been able to fill their seats on one application cycle for 2 semesters now! It's great for those students who were previously having a difficult time getting into the program, but it's quite a change from a year ago. I think those students who don't want to pay for that official state of Florida approved CNA class are going to be flooding Edison State College during their summer application cycle.
  8. by   MrsButtersworth
    i want to say i got in to scf starting spring 2013 i have already had half my rn classes at a school out of state and jumped through all these hoops what is making me livid is the third party they picked certified background, they charge double what it should cost to do anything $$$$ a good $600 for fees up front is hard on many people!!! I did not have to do any of these things at my last school and it was a NICE school, makes me wonder whos geting kickbacks
  9. by   gertie1965
    SCF no longer requires the CNA. Their NCLEX-RN scores show that approx. 98% pass on the first attempt. Standards and expectations are high. Can go straight into their BSN program which is face to face, blended or entirely distance learning.