Pensacola State nursing program

  1. I've decided I want to apply for the nursing program at PSC. I've gone through other posts on this site, but haven't seen anything about the night/weekend program. Does anyone know what the wait averages for starting the night/weekend program. I still have some prereqs and the HESI to take. I am taking Human Growth and Dev. this term, and hope to get Intermediate Alg and A&P I next term. Then my last math and A&P II done the next. That will be summer, and I would like to be able to start the program the following spring. So, does that sound possible to anyone who knows anything about the wait? Also, what should I expect with the HESI? I thought I would wait to take it once I had some Intermediate Algebra and A&P done, but at the same time don't want to mess anything up by waiting too long.

    Thanks for you help.
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  3. by   dixRN
    Just call the nursing school there & ask them. They will tell you. My daughter was on the waiting list there for the regular nursing school for one year from last fall & she started this fall. Good Luck
  4. by   jboogie617
    After you are done with all of your pre-reqs, you have taken your hesi test and your application for RN program is on file, that is when you become a candidate for the program and the normal wait to get in is 1 year. I became a candidate May 2011 and I got an email that my expected date to enter the program is August 2012.
  5. by   Silika
    Hesi test will have a lot of A&P I and II questions on it, you also want to brush up on algebra lots of fractions, proportions questions on the Hesi test. Buying and studying the book recommended by the college helps alot! Good luck.
  6. by   wsp4905
    Have you taken the hesi yet? It has like a 2-3month wait, just to take the intro test. From what I know, there is usually room on the night and weekend class. Most ppl like the traditional day track. Just call the nursing department.