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hello! i was wondering if anyone who lives in fort myers had any suggestions for apartments in the area (particularly around the nova campus). i am probably looking for a one bedroom in a safe... Read More

  1. by   studentnurse228
    i went to look today and it was so tough. the places i saw were kinda scary and unwelcoming. i think i am now going to look into paying more monthly because what i want to pay isn't getting me into a safe place.
  2. by   Mudflap_Marilyn
    I came to the same conclusion like 3 days ago lol Im not sure what to do...
  3. by   Vaydress
    Thank you Tnbutterfly for the i'll just keep typing:typing
  4. by   BRemus
    i am not sure where in fort myers the school is as i havent moved there yet but i am moving into an apartment complex called Gulf Stream Isles that is in fort myers it was recommended to me by a friend who is moving there I know that rightn now they have some pretty good rent specials going on i am getting 250 a month off my apartment with a one year lease. Hope this helps I am looking forward to moving to fort myers in July and will be visiting in june to do some job searching
  5. by   Mudflap_Marilyn
    Is anybidy planning on working during school? I dont they advice against it, but do you think that is will be too difficult to do both?
  6. by   MelSen
    I have been accepted and will be attending Nova in Fort Myers in the fall. I have been living in Fort Myers for almost 3 years now and I love it. I currently have a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment and am looking for a roommate. If anyone is interested, I can give more information. I currently live alone with the exception of my dog. I think it'd be nice to have another student as a roommate because our priorities would be the same. Let me know if anyone is interested!!
  7. by   kgb0217
    I got accepted to the Fort Myers campus this morning. I live in Lakeland so I will have to find an apartment. Did any of you find anything good?
  8. by   FLJosie
    i am applying for the fort myers campus and will be relocating from broward, florida. what are the safest apartments in the area?? i have been looking at and i'm freaking out! how bad can it be in fort myers? also... any advice for the program? how can i prepare for the first term. any advice / comments will be appreciated. thanks