New job in St. Pete's, looking for neighborhood advice

  1. I just got a job in Saint Petersburg, but won't be moving down there until after Christmas. I'm trying to find a place to live, I would prefer a house, but know that probably won't be likely. I have a cat so they must accept a pet. Also I'm looking for safe, nice neighborhoods. Any information on what areas are nice and what areas I should avoid would be great. Thanks for the help!!
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  3. by   anniemichellena
    Avoid South St. Pete like the plague...high crime rates...I'm not a snob but I was desperately looking for housing and couldn't spend one night in that area! North St. Pete is completely different especially bordering the Pinellas Park and Clearwater area! If you have no past rental problems I would suggest Camden apartments because they are decently maintained, they accept pets for a large, non-refundable fee, but if you need to move to another area/state you can break your lease and move to another community with 60 day notice and half a month's rent...Good luck
  4. by   shlay51
    Thanks for the advice. I actually found a condo in Clearwater. Driving down next Sunday.
  5. by   hgrimmett
    The apartment complex where I live in Clw isn't too bad (it's cheap too) and they accept cats. We're just east of US 19 and west of McMullen Booth Road (both major north/south routes; taking McMullen to & from St Pete is way easier than driving on US 19 with all the construction along 19.) There's several apartment complexes on this road; some are a bit nicer than where I live, with rents to match, but it's a safe area. Clearwater is about a 30-45 minute drive to St Pete, depending on where you're headed, of course. I wouldn't live south of Central Blvd in St Pete myself (major east-west road) but that's me.
  6. by   Marian96
    Sorry to bother u,but how you find a job in Flo beacause im tryng to relocate and really is like a nightmare,any advice?