New grad nurse looking to move to Fla

  1. I will be a new grad nurse from an ASN nursing program in Georgia - I graduate in may 2009 (I'm 36, and have a BS in another field). I am considering moving to Florida after graduation (I have family there), but am weighing the pros and cons. Many hospitals in Atlanta seem to have training programs that they offer for new graduate nurses, but I haven't seen this that much in the Florida hospitals that I've checked websites.
    I am also concerned about having gone to school in Ga and then having my first nursing experience in FL - would I be better off staying in Atlanta because those hospitals know better what to expect from students coming from their local schools? Do hospitals in Atlanta offer more training for new graduates.
    Would it be better to consider moving to FLA after I have some experience?
    Lastly, I have read some posts about hiring freezes for new grads in FLA - is that everywhere? i'm interested in Miami, Naples/Ft. Myers, and Tampa.
    I'd appreciate any thoughts - Thanks!!!
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  3. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Why do you want to move to Florida? Florida does not pay new grad well. I am in Florida and waiting to move to another State as soon as I have graduated. I really do not like it here. Do a good research of hospitals here before you consider moving. Tampa General is the best Hospital to work with as a new grad. However the pay is not great. Tampa General is a teaching hospital and I believe you will do well there. Just weigh your options good before moving and you will not regret it.
  4. by   Tweety
    I'm relatively sure the pay in Georgia isn't all that much better.

    Most hospitals around here have new grad programs that typically orient new grads for 12 weeks and longer for specialty units. So while they may not advertise special programs for new grads, it's relatively understood that they are there.

    I haven't heard of any hiring problems for new grads in the Tampa Bay area.

    The question on what you should do would probably be answered by asking yourself, how bad to you want to be in Florida. If there are compelling reasons, then come on down now. If not perhaps you might want to get that year of experience, so the stress of being a new grad isn't compounded by moving, adjusting to a new place, etc. NCLEX and being a new grad is tremdendously stressful enough.

    In the Tampa area, I would look at the larger not for profit hospitals like Tampa General and St. Josephs, Bayfront, St. Anthony's etc. The larger places tend to be more receptive to new grads.