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Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list... Read More

  1. by   NCRN1210
    Hello All,

    Applied on Wednesday August 22. Was told 6 to 8 weeks until the start notifying people. So anxious !!!
  2. by   joshsc
    Hi all,

    I just wanted to mention that I spoke with a friend who got in to the Fall 2012 Gen. program and a few of her classmates made it in with TEAS scores in the upper 60's w/ GPA 4.0 total scores of around 72 to 82.

    That bodes well for us at least. btw.. green scrubs are hideous.

  3. by   aexlith.grae3
    Hi Josh,

    Good thing you mentioned this coz it's been a question I had ever since, like how the MDC selection committee for RN program select and screen it the combined score that is the basis? Or the science GPA all that matters for those get selected in the generic program? If so, the teas score is of secondary importance only? I'm not saying anything here...but from what you said, the GPA scores are more of paramount importance than the teas scores...anyway, whichever way this goes, whether the selection criteria preselects higher GPAs with acceptable teas scores or with combined score(GPA and teas score) that is really ranked against the whole population of applicants, we stand a really good chance...and hope is the fountain of good perchance as they say...thank you very much for bringing this matter up...;-)
  4. by   ab_ao
    Hi everyone,

    Just applied for generic & bridge (just finished doing LPN at MDC)

    I have a question about calculating my science GPA.

    I know we need to calculate:
    A&P 1 & 2 + Labs
    & Micro

    so that's a total of 7 grades.

    however, I repeated Chem1033 Lecture (W)... do I divide by 7 or 8?

    Will this W haunt me forever? :uhoh21:

    and what about Micro Lab? do they look at that at all?
  5. by   joshsc
    (W) is for Withdrawal, meaning you withdrew from the class and therefore isn't a grade and wouldn't factor into the calculations.
    Micro Lab isn't factored in. It would only factor in if you have more than one W for that class.
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  6. by   Karol1147
    I just turn in my application, but i don't have much hope to get in. I score a 66% on the teas the science part killed me. i focus on A&P 1 and 2 and micro... come test day and the science part happens to be more chemistry and high school biology than anything else. if by much i had maybe 4 anatomy questions it was my first time taking it, and i have 10 years out of high school (i feel sooo old lol) i'm sure that now that i know whats on the test i can retake it and score better. But i really wanted to get in for sprint its soooo depressing i cried so hard . regardless i applied my GPA is a 3.4 and the advisor told me that not many people this term are scoring high out of 5 girls i spoke too that day only one score higher than me, and she scored a 72%. sorry this message is sooo long but feels good to let it all out. If i don't get it this time which i don't have much hope i'll retake the teas pray to score higher and try for the fall
  7. by   joshsc
    Hi Karol,

    Sorry you didn't do as well as you hoped. If you don't get in and retake the TEAS, I STRONGLY recommend purchasing the ATI practice tests online and the ATI study guide.

    And yes, I agree the science SUX!!!!! I just retook it also (scored a 72 which was lower than my first time) because of the science and math (which was more difficult the second time). Plus, the computers all messed up for everyone (breaking our concentration).

    Yes, there's lots of chemistry which is unfortunate. Good luck on getting in.

  8. by   ab_ao
    Thank you for clarifying Josh.

    that gives me a score of 77, hope it's good enough. I have read on other threads that the cut off is usually low 80s, but who knows this time around.
  9. by   nursea92
    Hey everyone. I applied to the the Generic FT and Bridge FT programs. I scored an 80 on the TEAS and my GPA is 3.87. I really hope that I get in =/. Is anyone else applying to the bridge? I feel like everyone is applying to the Generic.
  10. by   ab_ao
    nursea92 i'm applying to both, good luck!
  11. by   nursea92
    ab_ao good luck to you too =)
  12. by   joshsc
    Generic and Accelerated
  13. by   Cold Stethoscope
    Quote from nursea92
    Hey everyone. I applied to the the Generic FT and Bridge FT programs. I scored an 80 on the TEAS and my GPA is 3.87. I really hope that I get in =/. Is anyone else applying to the bridge? I feel like everyone is applying to the Generic.
    There is virtually no way you won't be accepted into both tracks with that GPA (I assume that's your science pre-req GPA) and that TEAS-V score. They are both very good.

    Quote from aexlith.grae3
    If we're meant to be there, we'll see...glad to be in the same boat...;-)
    There is not much room for "meant to be" in MDC's ADN admissions. It's a matter of your science pre-req GPA, your TEAS-V score (60%), and passing your background test, drug tests, and health exam. If your competetive score (40% science GPA + 60% TEAS-V score) exceeds the cutoff, then you are in. You are in the running until classes start, as people turn down seats, which are then offered to the next ones on the list.
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