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Hi all, I've just handed in my application to MDC for Spring '13. Right now I'm overall score is 82 but I'm planning on retaking the TEAS in August to improve that. If anyone has a book list... Read More

  1. by   yaimifutureRn
    Hi, oh yes thanks ... Thanks god before I have a heart attack lol... I wish you all good luck. I hope we get those emails very soon.
  2. by   smbp
    Quote from lilsuzy130
    Hi, everyone! I've been following your posts for a while. I applied to generic FT and accelerated for spring... hoping for accelerated. My teas score was a 91 and my science gpa is a 4.0. Just wanted to introduce myself and wish all of you the best of luck!!! Anyone else hoping for accelerated? R
    Hi @lilsuzy130 im also applying for accelerated. I applied to generic FT as well, but first choice is accelerated. Your scores are awesome, so im sure you'll get it. Super nervous about getting in and how intense it will be for that whole year... but i'm excited to do it and get it done! Honestly, any program I get in to will make me extra happy. My scores are 85 on my teas and 3.6 gpa on my sciences. Hope its good enough! Good luck and I hope to see u for spring!
  3. by   smbp
    I just called MDC medical advising office (I cant with the anxiety) and asked girl if any emails will start going out this week and she said "no, at the end of october beginning of november..."... so I asked her again, lol... and she said yes, by end of october Please let us know if anyone hears any different..
  4. by   miamikat
    I highly doubt it will be by the end of October. I checked the forum from last year for spring semester and after the dates changed for orientation, they got their emails the next day. So my theory is we will be getting our emails sometime this week or the week after. However, we are still stuck waiting unfortunately.
  5. by   smbp
    @miamikat i hope you are right.... we need time to do stuff and beginning of november responses wont give us enough time... i guess they may be saying that so we stop calling lol.. i imagine phone calls must be increasing by this time..
  6. by   miamikat
    I know. I already have my CPR card done because I did it in April so hopefully they will accept that. There is so much to do!!
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  7. by   miamikat
    And you're absolutely right. Around this time people start going crazy with the phone calls lol so they'll give you any information just to shut people up. And the end of October and beginning of November will most likely be the emails for the second round, so basically the new open spots that will be given to those that didn't get emails during the first round
  8. by   BaileyZu
    I totally agree with miamikat. I've read many blogs from past semesters both Spring and Fall. The emails have gone out within three days after the admission site is updated. Also, bloggers have posted that they called Miami-Dade and were told that emails won't go out until the end of the month or until the following month. However, the next day or so, students received the acceptance emails. I WOULD NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. They say "end of month or next month" so we won't be calling constantly and bugging them.
  9. by   smbp
    yessss, totally agree and thank u for answers!! i cant with the anxiety!!
  10. by   BaileyZu
    High anxiety over here tooo! Good luck to everyone who's waiting to hear. Please, please, please post if anyone receives an acceptance email!!! Thank you
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  11. by   miamikat
    Lol I think we are all nervous! Hopefully things go well for all of us! Good luck to everyone and don't worry @BaileyZu, I will definitely post if I hear anything
  12. by   BaileyZu
    Thank goodness for you guys. I feel somewhat sane thanks to this blog.
  13. by   MiamiE
    Maybe tomorrow will be the day...