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Hello Future Nurses out there, I have been accepted into the part-time RN program at MDC to begin in the spring (January 2012). I'm reaching out to anyone interested in collaborating in a... Read More

  1. by   Mwen
    Hi Mishell,
    I'm almost certain we'll need the stethoscope for skills lab on Saturdays and again when we start clinicals in the summer.

    Yes, we're to wear the lab coat on Saturdays for skills lab. They did not specify what should be worn under the lab coat, but I plan to wear a plain T-shirt with either jeans or scrub pants (something comfortable) and closed shoes.

    Nursing school will be dominating our lives for the next two and a half years!!! Our class is small (< 40 students) compared to the Full-Timers but sure hope most of us make it through...

    I hear a lot of people are having issues with their background check not coming back, but it looks like, from the posts, it should not affect your ability to stay in the program. It must be annoying, though... Hopefully, it gets resolved soon!
  2. by   Chanel360
    Hi Ladies,

    I'm sorry for the late reply but I've been busy with work, and at the moment, I'm getting ready to leave out of town (trying to get my vacation in before school starts! LOL). Mishell: Mwen has pretty much covered your question regarding the uniform guidelines... As for the stethoscope, I've been told that the Littman II S.E., and the Littman lightweight II S.E., are both equally good. The Littman Lightweight stethoscope is more affordable in price than the Classic Littman II S.E. I've been recommended by several RN's at work to go with the Lightweight version. The only con is the availability of colors. You will find more availability in color with the Classic version.
  3. by   Mwen
    Hey Chanel360,
    I agree with you 100%! Enjoy every minute of your vacation!
  4. by   Mwen
    Hey guys,
    Haven't been able to find comfortable shoes yet!!! I do wear an odd size so don't want to buy online...
    If you all know of any recommended store, let me know. I've already tried going to Uniform Advantage. Thanks!
  5. by   mishell
    Thanks for the info guys. I will take a look at the Littman.
    As for shoes I havent gotten mine yet. I looked at a pair of white sneakers but I havent tried them on yet. I want something comfortable but not to

    Has anyone started reading yet? I have my fundies book but I only started a few pages in the infection control chapter that someone recommended.
  6. by   Mwen
    Also, remember that the gentleman in charge of the MDC bookstore mentioned reading Ch. 15 through 18 during orientation. I did start reading, I just finished Ch. 16.

    Yes, I also read somewhere that pre-reading Ch. 34 (Infection control) was recommended. Happy reading!
  7. by   mishell
    Yep Thanks will do!
  8. by   mishell
    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Does anyone have Dr Alvarez? She emailed the syllabus with all the books listed. I am wondering if we will have to bring ALL those books to every class???????????????? They dont all fit in my bookbag so if we have to bring them all i will have to get a bigger bag.

    If anyone knows can you let me know

    Thanks a bunch
  9. by   Mwen
    I don't know and was wondering the same myself...
    I do have a rolling bag, but I still don't plan to take all the "required" books tomorrow. I'll wait and see what she says about the books that are needed for that class.

    See you tomorrow!!!
  10. by   Jmiami
    hey everyone, congrats! did you all take all of your pre-reqs before applying or were you enrolled in the last of them when you sent your application in. I want to do this PT program, but if it means waiting around for another year while I finish my pre-reqs I might as well get my LPN (have the pre-reqs done) then bridge to the RN.