MDC pre-reqs? :) Anybody? Anybody?

  1. Hiii guyyyys :]
    Anyone still doing their pre-reqs at MDC? I just started mine... so far english, speech, and psych... still undecided about which class to take next. Either Chem or AP1. Who is in the same boat? I am so nervous! All these cut offs make me nervous. I'm crazy because I already set up all these diff. schedules depending who I am going to choose as professor... who else might be taking chem or ap next term???? any advice on which to take first? my adviser told me it was ok for me to take ap1 first and then ap2 and chem together. I wouldnt mind getting into a study group, it would be so great! Is anyone applying for the program soon?

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  3. by   ra-ma13
    Hi, if you can take chm1033 prior to any BSc2085 or BSc2086 would be better, specially before BSC2086. But for some people taking 2 classes of science with lab so that makes 4 classes is not recommended, because you want to get your A . whowever if you are dedicated and good with science go for it! good luck!
  4. by   on eagles wings
    Thanks! So you think in 2086 chemistry is applied more than in 2085? Boy that's tricky.
  5. by   mbernal416
    omg i Just graduated highschool and started college in the summer. i got an A in my speech class and that freshman class they make you take. in the fall im going to take mat1033, enc1101, human growth and development and pschycology and personal effectiveness. Im so excited to finish my prereqs. Just still a little confused because when it comes down to applying to nursing programs some schools require different prereqs and i want to have options seeing as MDC is competitive! I also dont know when to apply? I kinda laid out a tentative schedule for spring and summer 2010 and i should be done with my prereqs by fall of 2010 but the deadline for fall is may 1st!
  6. by   on eagles wings
    When did you grad? I'm 08 but I had to start late. :'( So I feel a bit behind!! That's a lot of stuff you are taking for fall, but I am sure you can do it! I am doing AP, DEP2000, and PHI for the fall. Then I'm taking AP2 with chem for spring. My adviser told me I could. D: I am kind of scared. I'll PM you later today with more info on the program for MDC. Right now I can't because I need to go out. What is your GPA for summer?
  7. by   mbernal416
    I graduated 09! just 2 months ago and my summer GPA is a 4.0. Thank you so much ill be waiting around for your message because I need some help!
  8. by   SouthernAsh
    hi, what is it that you need to know. i am starting my 4th semester at mdc nursing school at the end of this month. maybe i can answer a few of your questions.
  9. by   nlion87
    Chem has no baring on your success in anatomy. My advice is to take the anatomy and labs first and then the chemistry once you have completed both anatomy clases and labs. You do not need an understanding of chemistry with the exception of acid and base concept in order to do well in both anatomy classes
  10. by   on eagles wings
    Thanks for posting, guys. That really calms me down because I already chose AP1 for fall and plan on taking AP2 and Chem in spring. I was starting to regret it but not anymore.
    SouthernAsh-- I do have a question now that I think about it... when do you have to take that CPR/first aid thing? It has to be before entering the program after acceptance, right? Does it matter if you do it before? And also, is it offered by MDC or would I have to go to a hospital or something? Thanks! :typing
  11. by   jam911
    i took my AP one and two over the summer and taking my Chm in the Fall,, I did well with out taking CHM first, but i dont know if i would want to take CHM with Anatomy. Remember you have to strive for an A in all your sciences cuz the program is so competitive... i took my AP at Dade over the summer and taking my CHM at BCC. Then i am done witht the pre req..