MDC and South Florida nursing students

  1. I applied for the nursing program @ MDC for the Spring '08 term. I am looking for [s]some information[/s].

    I know that GPA plays a huge role in whether or not applicants get picked but are there other things that they look at?

    What is the lowest GPA that they have accepted?

    How many applicants do they accept each semester??

    I have been asking these questions to advisors and some of the people that I know but they had no real answers for me. I was wondering if any current nursing students or pre-select students, who have been through this process before, can help me out with this. I any information.

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  3. by   MacunaRN
    Dear Tamara,
    I'm a recent grad from mdc so i can pretty much tell you that you are competing with GPA's upwards of 3.7 and up in the generic program. i do have some good news for you i was an lpn and did the transitional program got in with a gpa of 3.35 it is not so competitive since you are a surgical tech you may be eligile for that program. go to medical campus for advisement... But most of all good luck hope this helps you..
  4. by   Tamara CST
    Thanks for your reply MacunaRN. I have applied for both the transitional and generic programs. I was told that my GPA would be good enough to get me into the program, but I was unsure if that was true because I heard that people with an extremely high GPA were being rejected. I feel a little better after reading your post. Thanks again.