Manatee Memorial Hospital

  1. Hello! Does anyone work at this facility? There are some opportunities available that I'm interested in and would like some insight into the hospital as a whole. Unfortunately it doesn't have the *best* reputation in the community, but I know sometimes that doesn't mean too much. Feel free to PM me- thanks!
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  3. by   daves
    Well, I've been at this place off and on for 7 years. Primarily in PCU, but have done the floors too. Its not a bad place overall, and certainly better than the local competition, the HCA Blake Hospital where I worked as well. MMH always has a lot of new grads. That's not necessarily an indictment on the hospital, as this is a pretty transitory state - a lot of people moving around due to lots of options. If you're looking at "magnet" sites, then its north to Tampa Gen or south to Sarasota Mem. Blake is unionized, so keeps hospital admin honest when it comes to wages and working conditions. Bottom line - this is an OK place to work.