LPN-yes or no?

  1. Hello, I reside in Tampa,FL and currently attend HCC. I've been thinking of switching to Erwin Tech and do their LPN program. I have a couple questions about working as a LPN though.. I'm a single mom so I'm wondering if LPNs only work 12 hour shifts? Where do LPNs usually work besides hospitals and retirement homes? Is it common for them to work in md offices? And also, the most common question, are LPNs being "phased out". Is it worth becoming a LPN? I will someday continue my education and become and RN though. I think replies from florida residents would be most helpful but I would really appreciate replies from anybody anywhere, it would be very helpful on me choosing this as my career. Thank you!
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  3. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    In the Tampa area, it's becoming less common for LPNs to work in hospitals. They most commonly work in LTC, outpatient clinics, home health, etc. You may work 12 hour shifts as a LPN, but it's more likely you'll find 8-hour shifts. LPNs are NOT being phased out. While it IS becoming less common for LPNs to find jobs in hospitals, that's really the only setting they are not being utilized at this time.
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    thank you so so much,very helpful
  5. by   DaddysLilRN2b
    Im not sure about the Tampa area but I can tell you that in South Florida LPNs are not being phased out. You will find few positions for LPNs in a hospital setting but there are many positions available for LPNs in Drs offices, Long Term Care Facilities, Out-Patient Clinics, Mental Health facilites, and insurance companies, to name a few. Your schedule, 12 hrs vs 8 hrs, depends mainly on which setting you choose. I am currently an LPN who is persuing an RN and I am also a mother. Whenever I meet someone who wants to become an LPN, I always say, "Why not try for your RN instead?" Although being an LPN is fulfilling, and I love what I do, I would recommend to anyone that if you want a career in nursing, do the RN instead. But, it all depends on your individual situation. If you cant become an RN for whatever reason, do your LPN and then transition to RN. There are better opportunities for RNs. Anyway, I hope I helped. Good Luck!!!
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    Your reply was also helpful, much appreciated!