IRSC spring 2014 hopefuls!

  1. Hello all! I just wanted to start a topic for those of us applying to the 2014 ADN program at IRSC. I am so excited to finish my prerequisites and apply! LetsAll compare our application processes and wait to hear back from the program together! My names is Emily and I am taking a&p1 and micro this summer, then taking the NLN in August and submitting my app!
    Tell me about yourself !
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  3. by   kriistennicole
    Hi I am also taking the NLN in August and applying in September! I have finally finished all my prerequisites this semester, can't wait to apply.
  4. by   Epooler2013
    Hello! Me neither I am so excited! I just want to apply already!
  5. by   fpmsa14
    Hi I have finished all my prerequisite as well planning on taking the nln in anyone attending the nln review sessions??
  6. by   Epooler2013
    I wanted to attend the review sessions but unfortunately I have a night class every Tuesday so I can't make it. I will probably still stop by the academic support center to get some help on the tougher subjects.
  7. by   kriistennicole
    I've already attended the info session fpmsa14
  8. by   fpmsa14
    Have they been helpful..kriistennicole
  9. by   Epooler2013
    I also attended an info session. I'm not sure but I believe its mandatory to go to one before applying. Alot of the information they give out is already in the packet that's on the website, but its good to go and get all your questions answered.
  10. by   kriistennicole
    For me, it wasnt much that I already didn't know through researching the program online. It's basically everything that's on the irsc website. :/ too bad it's mandatory. @fpmsa14
  11. by   Brittani22
    Hey everyone! I'd also like to apply fro Spring but I don't know if I'll be ready
    How long have you all been studying for the NLN?
  12. by   Epooler2013
    I started studying in early may, but I'm taking summer classes so I've been slacking the last month or so. Hopefully my next summer class won't be as intense and I will have some time for practice tests. I want to take the NLN early August.
  13. by   Brittani22
    I want to take the NLN in August as well but I just ordered the book today
    I'd rather wait to apply than not do so well on the exam. I guess I'll have to just start studying and see how I feel about it when the time comes.
  14. by   Brittani22
    So I just got the review book today from amazon and it's a lot smaller than I thought it would be!