icu internship??

  1. Hello, I am in the process of relocating to Coral Springs from Northern Virginia. Can someone let me know what hospitals are good and which one's are not? Also, I am interested in finding an ICU internship, does anyone have any suggestions??
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    I'll take this one. Since I work for the North Broward District. which Coral Springs Medical Center belongs to. All 4 district hospitals work together. They do offer, an ICUand ER internship since I did it I know. You can apply to an open position, then they send you to a 2.5 month course, Basic Arrhythmia, Critical Care, then you would go to Hemodynamics and Vents and the ER folks like me went to the ER class. Plus 3-6 months on the floor precepting with a coach. They offer by far the most intensive and thorough training than most South Florida Hospitals. Go on the North Broward Hospital District Website and see, I know one class is in progress now, since my friend who just graduated is in it and is going to work at Coral Springs. It Started Sept. 3rd.

    They offer the program 3-4 times a year. so apply now! and secure your spot in the next class, probably in December or NOv. Talk to the nurse recruiter in HR.
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    Thanks, for your help.
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    wow, did you get the right person to answer your letter! The only other place to add is the Cleveland Clinic in weston.