I need an apartment to rent

  1. Hey guys,

    Do you know anywhere in Tallahassee where I can look for apartments? I am a single parent and I cannot afford more than $400 per month. I would prefer to get a self efficiency apartment. I do not want to live with a roommate because i have my two kids with me. I know that $400.00 is very low but I have to start working before I can look for anything more expensive.

    By the way, I need this apartment near FSU.


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  3. by   Heath82371
    Good luck finding an apartment for $400....I graduated from FSU in 1996 and we were paying more than that then......Check out alumni village.....it is school sponsored housing for people with families and children. I am not sure what you will find for $400 or what condition the apartment would be in. Maybe you should consider roommates so you can get a larger/nicer place?
  4. by   twarlik
    Check the apartment listings at Tallahassee.com.
  5. by   giftedRN
    I applied for a two-bedroom flat at Alumni Village and it is for $371 per month. I have to pay all utilities. I am not quite sure if this is cheap but this is all I have applied for so far.

    I will be in Tallahassee thursday so I will look around.

    Thanks again.

  6. by   Heath82371
    I would say that is probably as good as you are going to find....but I have been out of Tally for a while. If you are still in town for the weekend it will be homecoming and you will get a dose of how crazy and packed out the town gets for football (which is a good thing!!! FSU football is tonz fun). Keep us posted! Good luck!
  7. by   giftedRN
    I will be able to see the place thursday. Do they take students at the elementary school at age 4 1/2? My daughter will be 5 next year april and i would like her to attend the elementary school.

  8. by   Heath82371
    she can attend pre-k at some elementary schools but definitely not kindergarden. you will have to contact which ever elem schools you are zoned for (once you find an apartment). if not you would have to put her in a private pre-k or a daycare. i think fsu has a daycare on campus but i don't have details b/c i don't know anyone who has used it. it used to be located on woodward i think. not too far from the nursing bld if i am not mistaken....but its been a long time since i was a student there (graduated in 96). i hope this helps. i hope you get some cool weather while you are up there!!