Hillsborough Community College

  1. Anyone?? This is the school I will be starting at in the fall. Was wondering if anybody here is also attending or did at one point?? Thanks in advance for any replies. I will be checking back soon.
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  3. by   ZootRN
    Hi Lauren
    I just got admitted there for the Fall. I'll be new to the school though, as I completed all my prereqs at SPC. A bit nervous about everything, there are so many stories about how difficult to make it through the nursing classes
    Nice to meet future classmates. I would be interested in study partner also
  4. by   Charlottean
    I live in Charlotte, NC and I am working on my core classes for an A.S. in nursing. I would rather receive my degree in Tampa and was wondering if there is a waiting list for HCC. In Charlotte, there are only 100 seats available every Fall and only Fall. If I do not get accepted this year I will have to wait an entire year or apply somewhere else. Can someone tell me what you must have to be accepted at HCC?

  5. by   ZootRN
    Hi Amanda

    No, there is no waiting list at HCC. You have to complete 4 prereq classes (A&P 1, Comp 1, College Algebra and Sociology) and all applicants are ranked by GPA on those classes. 60 people with highest GPA are taken into the program, and they have Nursing program on 2 campuses - Dale Mabry and Plant City (total of 120 student for each Fall and Spring).
    I've heard though, that in order to apply for Fall '05, you need to complete A&P 2 and Micro also as prereqs, but not sure about that. Call them to find out!

    Good luck!
  6. by   PilotJim68
    Does anyone know if it is true that HCC is being investigated due to low first time pass rates of the NCLEX? This is just what I have been hearing but no one seems to know if it is indeed true or not. Can anyone shed some light on this? I go to PCC and of course there are many rumors about each school, however my G-Fri is preparing to go to HCC and she has heard this same rumor and is now having second thoughts...any help would be appreciated.
  7. by   ZootRN
    I've never heard about it, but if it's true, I would be very surprised, b/c they are accepting people by GPA. Although as I said I'm new to the school.
  8. by   teegeo
    I am in my second year at HCC and find it challenging but if you put the time in it you can succeed. I have not heard the rumor that we are being investigated but I find it hard to believe since I know of several graduates whom passed on the first try. They have also instilled a test at the end of every class called a HESI that is a NCLEX style exam worth 10% of your final grade. It predicts how well you will do on the NCLEX and is administered by a third party. Good luck in your endeavors and if you have any other questions feel free to email me.
  9. by   skad33

    HCC Spring 2010, the HESI is worth 35 points out of 350 points for NP1. Any tips? On the 4th exam, they threw all the Critical Thinking questions on us and many students did not do well! Any advice? Help...