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  1. by   mslala
    Hi everyone, I applied to Plant City-Nights.. if I get accepted it will be a rough 2 years.. but it'll be worth it. My gpa was a 3.5 something.. so we will see. Good luck to everyone. From what I've heard this is the best time to apply for the best chances... and if the number of people on here reflect that there won't be as many applicants then hopefully we all get accepted
  2. by   montri
    I am new to this and forgive me if this is a dumb question. Where do you find out if they have received everything. I've attended SPC and applied to HCC to see if I have a better chance at getting accepted. They cashed the check last week but I can not find anything online about transcripts, records, etc. Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   brandeekins
    If you go to webadvisor and sign in, one of the options is My Documents, it shows what the have/need. Also, if you go to Progress Toward Degree you should see Nursing Student as an option.
  4. by   montri
    Thank you. There isn't anything there. I don't understand how they can cash your check and not have your information in the system. Maybe in a few weeks.
  5. by   k.2012
    They tend to be a little slow at updating, lol. I wouldn't worry if they've cashed your check. My guess is it'll show up on there within the next few days. Good luck!
  6. by   k.2012
    We only have a month and a half left of waiting for an answer! Woohoo!!!!
  7. by   Calley
    i finally got an email from hcc saying they recieved my application and i can check my status under my documents now
  8. by   shayrnhopeful
    Are there forums for the LPN-RN program?
  9. by   brandeekins
    Only a month to go until we should be getting our letters. Yay!!! Happy Friday.
  10. by   seriouslyserious
    anybody in here attended multiple colleges?

    i only see my (1) of my transcripts listed under the "transcript" tab... ODD because they received my high school also and i sent 3, in addition to the 2 i listed.
  11. by   lexuan
    Hi , Just wanted to let anyone applying to the LPN-RN transition program know that I received my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I never expected to get a response so early even though I having been checking my email every day!! I am so excited!!! The orientation for LPN-RN is April 11 from 9-4 at the Dale Mabry campus. So, hopefully good news is on the way if not there already!!! Good luck to all of you!!
  12. by   k.2012

    I would recommend going in to see an advisor JUST to be safe. I transferred in two transcripts and mine didn't show up on my account until nine months after I started attending HCC and that was only because I went in to meet with an advisor about a course, and she saw they hadn't been evaluated and put in a rush to get them done. They're really slow about evaluating transcripts for some reason...
  13. by   k.2012
    Congratulations on getting accepted into the LPN-RN program! Those of us waiting on the basic RN program still have a month of waiting for those letters unless they feel generous and want to let us know earlier...which I CERTAINLY would not mind!!