Health benefits and pay rate??

  1. Hi everyone. I am wondering if you can tell me what is the pay rate for a specialty Registered Nurse with 4 year BSN degree in the Operating Room with 8+ years experience in OR? I have been unable to find out anything other than starting wages. Is there a wage scale with union hospitals available online? Also what kind of health benefits do you get as a Registered Nurse in Florida?

    I am from Canada and currently my health benefits are pretty good. I have tried to do some research regarding the Affordable Care Act and what Trump might have changed but i thought asking you all might get some more concrete answers.

    What health care benefits do you have at a private hospital? Vs Union hospital?

    What extended health is covered? For example registered nurses in BC are covered 100% unlimted (as soon as a deductible for the year is met) for registered massage therapy treatments and physiotherapy. Are there ways to buy and build your own health coverage to create a plan suited for you and your family? Are people still disqualified for having pre existing conditions?

    I hope i provided enough detail to have some of my questions answered.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   armygirlabn
    I am a nurse in Florida and with regards to unions. Florida is a right to work state which means there are no unions and employers can fire anyone at anytime.
  4. by   Canucknurse18
    Does it happen often? Is it over little things? What can you tell me about your health coverage?
  5. by   armygirlabn
    You don't get fired over little things but my point is that there isn't a union to protect you from getting fired. As for health plans, every employer offers different plans. Some are better then others. If you go to an interview that can be a question you can ask the employer, what insurance package they offer. You will not find any employer that offers 100% health coverage in the US.
  6. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from armygirlabn
    I am a nurse in Florida and with regards to unions. Florida is a right to work state which means there are no unions and employers can fire anyone at anytime.
    Incorrect, There are a few union hospitals in Florida under the Florida Nurses Association/OPIEU . I work at one of maybe 3 left in the state. Florida is indeed right to work and also Republican governors have a long history here, so they push back at unions and its highly discouraged at non-union hospitals. Generally a union hospital pays more. The benefits are more or less the same. Even though private hospitals say they are non union they do adopt several union-like policies and tend to be more anal and micro-manage everything. Most hospitals have adopted a structure that your benefits are best if you get treated at the facility you work at and a few associated affiliates. If you go outside of that expect healthcare costs to skyrocket. That being said, if you got a family you probably want to live within 30mins of where you work to get the best healthcare. Overall family coverage will be around 80/biweekly and up but it will be no where compared to what you get in Canada, just expect to pay for everything and if you save, count your blessings cause health coverage is costly here.

    My sister is a RN in Calgary,Canada, if you coming from there be in for a pay and culture shock. Your florida pay will be nowhere near where you want it to be. I not in OR setting so I cannot give details on that but I talk to people at my facility, generally its about $4 more than a med-surg nurse so you looking at entry level around $28/hr. Why not try to get a phone interview at a few facilities? That way all your questions can be answered.
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    Thank you ArrowRn. That was great information. 28 entry starting wage is not bad. And i have 8 yrs in the operating room and 10 urs as a registered nurse with BSN. I scrub and circulate. So i think i willbe able to negotiate a goodwage. The health coverage is the only thing that scares the living daylight out of me. All you hear is horror stories. Even when you are covered it seems they find ways to deny you or so ive heard.