HB - 1209 Anybody clue me in? Florida no longer acknowledged in other states?

  1. So a friend of mine who attends a different nursing school than I, called me today and said that their instructor read about this new bill that goes in affect July 1, 2009. Her instructor said that the DOH is now "in charge" of keeping track of nursing schools, as opposed to the board of nursing, schools now pay for this (1000 per year), strict guidelines, so on and so on...but the kicker is that she also told her (THis is the part I can't find and makes me curious), is that students who graduate AFTER this bill goes in effect, July 1, 2009, will not be acknowledged in other states!!!!!!!! WHAT.....THE.....HECK.... Those students were told it is some gimmick to keep down on the nursing shortage and "make" nurses stay in Florida who did their schooling here.

    I mean what are they preventing, so we won't pick up and move to a state where there are NEW GRAD jobs, or that we move to a state where the nurses are PAID fairly, or that we don't move to a state where there are stricter guidelines on Nurse to patient ratios?

    I looked up the bill and it has been revised 4 million times...I am no legal mumbo jumbo reader... I found all the stuff except for the not being acknowledged by other states part. Can ANYONE help who understands all this? I called DOH..... no return call....I called Florida Center for Nursing.....No return call.....Called my school.....no idea what I was talking about!!!

    Here are the links to the bill.......


    Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   morte
    there is another thread on this already, the point is that if you have less clinical hours than required by another state board, you cant sit for the boards in that state....and your lic wont transfer, at least right away.....students need to vote with their feet
  4. by   FLmomof5
    From what I read, the state has decided that it is too costly and too time-consuming for schools to go through the BON approval/rule making process so they are taking that away from them. The jist is for more "private" schools to enter the state and produce more nurses here instead of bringing in nurses from out of the country.

    It also says "Existing programs are subject to a "grandfathering clause" so that they continue to be authorized to provide these programs in the future, except for programs on probationary status due to inadequate student performance on the NCLEX." So current schools don't have to apply.

    Now, our school (and most others) are accredited via national accreditation groups like the NLN. Without THAT, some grads of these private schools may have trouble being acceptable to hospitals outside of the state of FL.

    Make sense?