Hawaii? Florida? What Company?

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    I am in need for some helpful advice. I am looking to travel at the beginning of October to some where warm with a beautiful ocean. I am a Canadian RN, who works in the ER. I have 1 1/2 years of experience in ER, a current Hawaii license and I am waiting for my Florida one . I completed my visa screen with CGFNS and am ready to go! However, I am having a hard time finding a nurse travel company with positions in these places. Does any one have any suggestions. I would also like to know the process for getting a SIN number, and if I should get that started also. Any advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated!!!

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  3. by   caroladybelle
    There should be plenty of positions in Florida in a few monthes, as the Winter season starts soon. But do not expect them to pay well (though better in Winter than in summer).

    Hawaii, everyone wants to go to Hawaii, and there are not many positions. That and it is quite expensive to be there, the pay is not always what it should be for the cost of living.

    Hawaii positions also are often for 6 monthes rather than 3 monthes. As it is rather expensive to place someone (cost of transport and housing) there, they prefer to keep them for a bit. They also prefer people that have worked a few assignments as a traveler, as they have a "proven" track record for assignments that have high costs upfront. Many nurses see traveling as " glamourous" and a "vacation" and are seriously disappointed and unprepared when the frequently unpleasant aspects of traveling smack them upside the head. They sometimes do not work out, and that can be problematic when large placement costs are involved.

    And while one year of experience is acceptable for a traveler, two or more are preferred, especially in critical care, ER, L&D, peds.

    That is not to say a placement is not possible, but it is more difficult w/less experience.