Have some questions about nursing in Florida

  1. I'm graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA communications in April. I'm thinking of going into nursing. There's a program going on here, but i didn't know if it was all over the U.S. If you have a BA in anything, nursing school would only be a year. I don't want to stay here in Pittsburgh, even know they have a great nursing school. I was wondering what schools are good for nursing in Florida and if they do the same program as I stated above. I also heard that if you contact a hospital and sign a paper saying that you will work for them after you graduate, that they will pay for your tuition for nursing school, plus you have an automatic job when you're done.
    Sorry this is so long. I'm new to all this nursing stuff.
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  3. by   JUSTYSMOM

    My girlfriend had her BA from a SUNY New York school. She decided to switch careers and get into nursing. She went to a community college in Palm Beach County. The community schools in Broward/Palm Beach County (not sure where you want to go) are great for your ADN!

    Although she had a BA already, she still had to complete pre-reqs for nursing. This took her a good year to do. Then it took her another year to complete the nursing courses.

    Yes, it is true (once you show proof that you are in school for nursing) you will be eligle for a nursing scholarship in selected hospitals. Most hospitals will pay 100% tuition. In return, you are required to give them 1-2 years of working for that hospital. In addition, you can also choose to work for a hospital once you have 6 months of school under your belt and your tuition will be paid for.

    I have an associates degree. It will take me approximately 3 years to become an RN. I was supposed to start this August, but didn't make it. I will start pre-reqs in January.

    Now, this advise is give only from South Florida (Broward/Palm Beach Counties). I would hate to assume this is true with all counties, check it out. Search florida hospitals for their "scholarship programs", call HR.. It's a great time to become an RN with the nursing shortgage here!


  4. by   BarbPick
    there is no free ride You have a good amount of pre req's to take. That is a good amount of anatomy, chemistry, math, microbiology before you can enter the so called one year program.
  5. by   Tweety
    You can get a free ride at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg www.bayfront.org The do tuition reimbursement for pre-reqs up to $2,000 a year I believe. Plus when you get into RN school, you then go "earn as you learn"...earn 40 hours pay for working 16 hours, books tuition, everything paid for. You have a two-year committment when you are done.

    Most hospitals in the Tampa Bay area have some kind of tuition reimbursement for their employees.