Graduate Nurse Residency Programs

  1. Just thought I'd start a thread to talk about the nurse residency programs in Florida for Spring, Summer, Fall 2016! Anyone start looking into any of them?
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  3. by   HiPpYcHoP
    Hi HellooNurse2B,
    I recently accepted an offer at Memorial Hospital here in Jacksonville in the CVICU/ICU department. The StaRN residency program begins February 1st. This is a 13-16 week program consisting of 6 weeks didactic training in the classroom/simulation lab, followed by an 8 week preceptorship at the hospital. I am also currently working on my BSN in the RN-BSN online bridge program at UNF. I have friends from nursing school who are in the Baptist Health Residency program as well. I believe all of the hospitals here in Jacksonville will be adopting these types of residency programs for New Graduate Nurses. I will be happy to share my experience with the program once I begin. Are you interested or have you applied to any of these programs yet? If so, I wish you much success in your transition into your career in Nursing as well.

    - Mark, RN
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  4. by   qrkid

    I am graduating in May and thinking about relocation to Florida ( I am in NC ). Being that you just went through the process to get into the StaRN could you try and answer a few questions for me if you get a second?

    The West coast division has continuous applications to the StaRN program but I do not see one for the Atlantic division. Do you know if they only post it periodically? How many were in your StaRN class? Do they start you at a lower rate for the 13wks and then give you a bump in pay or was it the same rate throughout?
    Any advice that you think would help a new grad (ADN with a B.S in another field) get into the program for Memorial Jacksonville?
    If you do find time to answer and feel more comfortable sending any or all info privately just let me know.
    Thanks and good luck on your new career.
  5. by   Flnolegirl
    I live here in Jacksonville I missed the Feb 1st start date is there another one coming up?
  6. by   chelletmarios
    Baptist Jax, Application for Spring opens by March
  7. by   Flnolegirl
    Yes I plan on applying.. Thx for letting me know
  8. by   HellooNurseRN
    Awesome! Congrats, Mark. I'm in UNF's BSN program now. I don't graduate until late April 2016 so most likely will be looking at residency programs that start late spring / summer. I didn't realize Memorial had a residency program! Their CVICU is seriously amazing. Definitely keep us updated on the program. Congrats on getting into it!!

    I do know about Baptist and Mayo's programs. But I'm not too clear on when you have to be licensed. Good to see everyone here looking into it, too!

    Mark, let me know if you need any help with the BSN courses!! I'd be happy to share notes with you.
  9. by   chelletmarios
    Baptist- you need to licensed before the programs start. They're going to interview you even if your graduating and if your about to take your NCLEX
  10. by   HellooNurseRN
    I saw that! so far I have found Memorial, Baptist, Mayo, Shands (UF Health) nurse residencies. I don't see anything for St. Vincent's. I guess they haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet! (In Jacksonville, I mean!)
  11. by   patriley
    Cleveland Clinic Florida does a residency program it's 10 weeks of preceptorship and 1 year of residency.
  12. by   MedicFireRN
    How are you liking memorial's program for the CVICU (given that you're only 10 days in)? I am considering applying.
  13. by   BizyBee
    Does anyone know the unit choices for the Baptist Residency (or any others)? Someone mentioned on another post that during the application, they ask you for your preferred unit. The next round closes May 1 for July start dates.
  14. by   sruyae
    Hey Mark... I don't know how to PM you but I really wanted to know how you like UNFs online RN to BSN program... Specifically- How hard is it to get in and what is the curriculum like??