FSU Accelerated BSN 2018

  1. I haven't seen a thread started for FSU ABSN in literally years (2014 was the last ABSN I've seen from FSU) and since we are in the middle of the application period, I thought I would begin it now.

    I am currently taking Pathophysiology online at Butler Community College in Kansas because it was on the list of schools the FSU Nursing advisor said was preapproved to take.

    Has everyone submitted their transcripts via snail mail?
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  3. by   medoc
    Did you go to FSU for undergrad? I also applied for the ABSN program!
  4. by   coldcutcourt
    Yes! I did! I graduated in 2011! I have a Bachelor of Science in Media Production. Did you go to FSU for undergrad?
  5. by   medoc
    I did -- I graduated in 2015. Good luck to you! --Not sure I'll have a chance this time around since I don't have a couple pre-requisites completed, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and take the classes this Fall.
  6. by   coldcutcourt
    Thank you, you too! And it's always better to apply and see then to never apply at all! Good choice.
  7. by   MurphL
    Hey just entered this forum. Have any of you heard back about interviews yet?
  8. by   medoc
    I heard back like last week.
  9. by   MurphL
    Awesome thank you! Still waiting to hear back !
  10. by   medoc
    When did you submit your application?
  11. by   MurphL
    Sometime right when the window opened like march maybe. Last year when I applied I got denied within a week of the application being due. And I have been accepted into an RN program which I'm excited about. But since I graduated from FSU and it's significantly closer it would be nice to get into a program here in Tally. They contacted me before it was due asking for a missing transcript. But I'm feeling kinda anxious I haven't heard anything yet ?!? What about you? I saw you were trying for this year but willing to take classes if needed. Any luck ?
  12. by   medoc
    Yeah just have to take class this fall. I'd get in touch with them if you haven't already.
  13. by   coldcutcourt
    Hey! I received an email July 21st that I was selected for an interview. I just went and checked my email to get the exact date for you. I would definitely contact them asap and see what's going on!!
  14. by   mynurse2018
    I'm so happy there is finally an updated forum for 2018! I'm counting down the days for the interview and was excited when they sent out the decisions almost a month early. Good luck to everyone!