FL LPN's What drugs can you push??

  1. My hospital has finally gotten all of our LPN's fully med certified. Now they are getting approval/policy for iv push meds. So far all the bigwigs are looking to approve are : Lasix, Phenergan, Benedryl, Solu-medrol, and maybe Toradol. What drugs can you all push? and what hospital or part of the state are you in? Abx and piggybacks are approved pretty much across the board, but we need to improve the push meds selection, so need your input.
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  3. by   kstec
    Not that I have any drugs to add, but I figured I'd just say, I'm envious that you guys even get to work in hospitals, much less push I.V. meds. I live in Rockford, Illinois and we have no LPN's in hospitals.
  4. by   Southernurse
    I received my LPN nursing education and license in FL a year before we were hurricaned out by Charley in 2004, and it seems that the LPN's are being given the med ed in some facilities so those facilities don't have to pay RN's to do it. That is the buzz here in TN, as facilities here have been given the OK by the state. I hate to think that we are being seen as "cheap" nursing, but these facilities are always looking at the bottom line. Granted, UT does not hire LPN's for anything but LTC type care, but once the pendulum swings to LPN's to push meds and RN's become less of a commodity, there will be a strange alteration in nursing as a whole. I felt nursing in FL was an incredible education, and I am proud of it....the fact that RN's may feel that we are "intruding" on their territory will remain to be seen.
  5. by   neneRN
    I'm in Central FL; LPNs cannot push any meds at my facility.
  6. by   Kazz
    As long as you are IV certified and as long as your facility agrees to it, LPNs can push drugs....... The main catch, most facilities will not allow LPN's to push meds.