FGCU Spring 2014 applicants - page 4

Hello! I just recently applied for Florida Gulf Coast University's Spring 2014 BSN program. Definitely freaked out because it's the only school i'm applying for and really anxious to start... Read More

  1. by   maddengirl18251
    I applied at FGCUs Nursing program with a 3.6 GPA and a 87% on my Teas for my overall score.
    July can't come soon enough. :0
  2. by   nursinghopeful03
    Hello! Nice stats. Yes in a matter of weeks we'll know our fate lol... I'm so nervous.
  3. by   mr. po po
    july is finally here! tell me if you guys got in and i will try to do the same!
  4. by   nursinghopeful03
    Any day now! I'm super nervous... Really hoping we all get in! Best of luck to everyone on this post
  5. by   mr. po po
    today mark the 8th week of waiting.. we should be getting our letter very soon!
  6. by   nursinghopeful03
    I started checking my mailbox religiously on the 7th week. I sure hope they're here this week!
  7. by   mr. po po
    the wait is pretty long... last year all the applicants got it around july9-12....
  8. by   nursinghopeful03
    I called yesterday and she said they haven't mailed decisions yet. So probably won't know until next week... :/
  9. by   mr. po po
    wow... it must be really competitive this year that they are taking awhile to make a decision! i am so nervous lol.. been checking my mail everyday
  10. by   ChickaBoom
    Hi, I applied as well and am still checking my mailbox everyday... Was a transfer, so don't know myreal GPA. Hope to hear back this week!
  11. by   mr. po po
    can't believe tomorrow is the deadline and still haven't receive a letter of acceptance or rejection..
  12. by   ChickaBoom
    My mail hasn't come yet today, but I have my fingers crossed. I think the mailman may start thinking I'm stalking him or something since I always seem to come right out when he's there. lol
  13. by   mr. po po
    oh and for ur gpa, it should be the gpa that you ended up with the official transcript from your past college.