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  1. hi my name is tonya and i wanted to know if i would be able to become a nurse with a felony on my record. the crime was organized fraud and i plead nolo contndere(no contest) but adjudication was withheld and i have my civil rights. i heard that i would have to apply for my licensure then go in front of the fl board of nursing and they would decide. I am really scared of applying to nursing schools b/c of this. is there anyone out there with a similar situation or that can give me some positive reinforcement.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Contact the board of nursing prior to starting school and get the true scoop from them.
  4. by   Heath82371
    I have a friend who is a nurse and was able to obtain his license with a felony charge (drugs or something). He was first a nurse in NY and NJ and he had to jump threw a lot of hoops for Florida but was eventually licensed. Hope this helps.
  5. by   Christina_NICU
    I remember specifically from a member of my school's nursing department that "if you don't have your civil rights then you can't take your boards." I would call the state board. Go straight to the source and get the right answer. I wouldn't depend on someone else to get this kind of info. It's way to important.