FCCJ Uniform sizing

  1. I was looking at the size chart for the uniforms and I am so confused. I am typically a size 2 in womens but my measurments to correlate with the measurements on the sizing chart for size 2. Just wanted some feedback from people and how their uniforms ended up fitting and if you ordered based on measurement or size?

    Thanks for the help!!!!
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  3. by   APBT mom
    Scrubs don't fit like regular clothes so even with the size charts they will sometimes be to big/small/long/short. Most scrubs are cut unisex especially the ones that are solid colors because men are less likely to by the patterned tops. Best bet would be to go to a uniform store that sells the same brand scrubs that you need for school and try them on to find the size that fits. Then if you have to order them online you'll know what size you need without guessing or having to return them and try another size. I like the pants that have elastic in the back and tie in the front or the ones that actually have a button or zipper but the program that I'm in only allows elastic waist so I fold the elastic over so I don't have to deal with it bothering me. Another thing if your short the petites may still be too long and if your tall the talls may still be too short so you may have to alter them or deal with the "high waters" until your finished with school and are able to buy the styles you like.
  4. by   jsd42277
    Thanks for the input!! I went and tried some on a style that is close to what we have to get and it appears that none of them will fit. I just placed the order hoping to get them in plenty of time to return them if I need to. If the pants are big I can deal but the top I was more worried about. Don't want it to be too restricting. Thanks again for the info!!!!
  5. by   rsa0607
    I'm having the same issue. I'm all over the board for the uniform size. I'm a Lg, XS, & Medium. What does that make me?? A Medium!:trout:
    Anyone else know...
  6. by   jsd42277
    I finally ended up ordering the size 4-6. I figure if it is too big I will just take them and have them altered. Good luck and hope yours fit!!!