FCCJ Summer '08 - page 6

Ahh I am getting my application together to apply for Summer '08...anyone else appying that is on here? I am going to retake the NAT on Monday and I have 185.88 points...If I do not get in for... Read More

  1. by   look-4-miracles
    And make copies for yourself.....
  2. by   misswhitney
    Let the countdown begin!! One week to orientation!! Can't wait to meet everyone!! =)
  3. by   look-4-miracles
    It's going to be a very long very exciting day!

    I'm so ready to get a schedule!!

  4. by   misswhitney
    We start tomorrow!!! good luck everyone!! =) I am in section 6 so I might see some of you tomorrow.
  5. by   look-4-miracles
    I'm in section 1...I can't wait...off for my last night of restful sleep
  6. by   hawkfdc
    So ya'll are coming to the end of your first week....post up and tell us what you think of the "Northside Boot Camp".
  7. by   misswhitney
    What section are you guys looking at getting for next term?
  8. by   misswhitney
    Hey ladies....and gentleman...what section are you guys in for TERM flippin' III!!! ?
  9. by   misswhitney
    SOo I just wanted to extend my congrats to all of us Summer '08ers who have our Pinning Ceremony on Monday!!! Yay!! We did it!!