FCCJ Nursing students- Question about scheduling

  1. Hi guys!

    This is my first post and I found allnurses.com after doing a search on Google trying to find information about the scheduling at FCCJ's day and evening RN programs.
    I called the school, but they basically told me that I will be unable to work a full time position because classes run 4-5 days a week from 8:00-5:00. On reading a thread here, I that I won't necessarily be in class every day of the week, that it would depend on what block I was in.
    I was wondering if any RN students could give me a little more info on that? I have completed my pre-reqs and want to get my application completed but I am worried sick (literally) about trying to figure out what to do with work. I would feel much better if I knew what I was dealing with, schedule-wise, so I could plan for it.

    Thank you so much in advance for any information you can give a worried potential nursing student!
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  3. by   troutfishinEMT
    My 1st term schedule was
    Monday NIGHT - Concepts 6P - 9P
    Tuesday - Assessment 9A - 1p
    Wednesday - Test from 3-4 PM (days with two tests, the second test was 4:30 - 5:30.
    Thursday - Techniques 8A - 2P (the last eight weeks or so are at the hospital, 7A - 3P or so)
    Friday - Pharm 8A - noon.

    In term two you have less lecture but more all day clinicals in Adult Health I. (And a test day)

    Term III you have 12 hour clinicals in Peds, back to 8s for OB, and a test day.

    and term IV is four hours of lecture and two eight hour clinical days for AHII, and role (the last 4 weeks) are 12 hour clinicals (including a weekend) out the butt. (plus the test day, during AHII).

    So, my sked right now in term 4 is Test on Monday 8AM.
    Lecture on Tuesday 8A - noon.
    Wednesday go to hospital in PM and get patient info - spend all night writing care plans.
    Thursday and Friday in the hospital 6:45A - 4P.

    I know a very small handful of people who have managed to work 40hrs a week (or close to it) during this last year, but they all work in the medical field and have very flexible schedules. (Two of them do Fri/Sat/Sun nights to get in 36 hrs - I'd never have made it this far doing that.)

    So, not to be discouraging, because it IS doable - but your work sked will have to be very flexible, because your options for your school schedule are limited.

    Good luck; Hope this helps.

  4. by   squirtle
    Mike, thank you very much for that! It was a big help because it gives me an idea of what I am looking at as far as a schedule. I realize mine may be different, but at least I have a general idea.

    Thanks again!
  5. by   troutfishinEMT
    No problem!

    Shoot me a PM if you have any other questions... I'm not positive, but I think the term II, III, and IV schedules are still posted in the hall outside of the nursing office for anyone to look at - I'll be in the hospital all day Friday, and studying/fishing/drinking beer/watching football (not all at once, but you get the idea - gotta be able to multi-task!) over the weekend, but when I go to North campus to test on Monday morning I'll make sure those skeds are still up, and let you know.

    I really hope your job is flexible enough for you to at least give it a try - the last year has been REALLY challenging at times but also incredibly fun and rewarding... and it will be ESPECIALLY great in about 12 weeks when it's over! I may even change my screen name to TroutfishinRN once I pass the boards.

    Oh, and GET YOUR APPLICATION IN! Don't start worrying about a schedule until you get that done and get accepted.

    I'm sure you'll be fine - like I said, send me a PM if you need any more info or opinions.
  6. by   twoanddone
    The schedules are still there ......

    My first term schedule

    Mon 9-12 Concepts 3-5:30 test(s)
    Tue off (but studying for next monday's test and praying about yesterday's test)
    Wed 9-12 health assessment
    Thur 9-12 pharm
    Fri- 7-2:30 (longer once in clinicals.

    I'd find it difficult to study like I should and work 40 hours but then again I have two toddlers so it probably just as hard.
  7. by   np_wannabe
    I know that the evening program offered in Jan 07 will be this: Tues/Thurs from 6-9pm, Sat 7am-3:30pm, Sun 1-4pm.

    I also have a hard time getting any answers from FCCJ. And everybody tells you something different. Good luck! Don't forget App's are due Oct 1.

  8. by   nole8302
    I am currently in the ADN program and work full-time at Shands. I work 12hr shifts every weekend and 1 day during the week. It is challenging but not impoosible. Just stay focused and determined.