Emergency Education Institute Jan 2019

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    I have been a lurker of AN for quite some time. After a co-worker successfully passed the program at eei she is now working on her BSN. I was a bit worried about the school at some point but I've decided to pursue education there.

    Before i ramble, I am posting this topic just in case there are others who are potentially going to be my classmates. I look forward to hearing from you. My background is EMT-B, EKG Tech and Unit Secretary. I currently do work for a hospital in Intermediate Care.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Are you aware that they lack NURSING accreditation and regional accreditation? Meaning your credits do not transfer. Also, abysmal NCLEX pass rates.

    Surely you can do better than this place.
  4. by   Kanhoran
    I am registered for January 2019 as well. Looking forward to getting through school, currently an LPN.

    As far as the other comment on here, they are in the process of getting the acen accreditation so I wouldn't worry to much...
    See you next month!