Did the pay go up for Central Florida?

  1. I spoke to a school that has the LPN program and she stated the hourly wage ranges are between $18 and $25 an hour for a LPN and she had one grad call her and explained he was making $29 an hour working nights. How can this be for a LPN in Florida?
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  3. by   UM Review RN
    I'd think they were including shift and weekend differentials.

    Our shift differential is $3.50 - $5.00/hr. and our weekend differential is $1/ hr.

    Brings the pay rate up considerably, especially if you work nights/weekends.

    The grad who said he was making $29? I'd have to guess he was working agency nights/weekends, because agency will pay a little more.

    Also, some places just pay guys more (or they exaggerate their income) because I've worked with guys doing the same job who got paid more than me -- or at least they said they did.
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  4. by   centralflorida
    I'm in the position of looking for schools right now so I have no real world experience in nursing - but if you look at the thread I started, "Florida nursing salaries - seriously???" you'll see that pretty much everyone that responded to me said that for a new REGISTERED NURSE grad, starting pay would be $19 to $22 an hour in Central Florida.

    So for an LPN to start out making the same, or more, sounds quite suspicious to me. If it's a recruiter for an LPN school - of course they have incentive to, ahem, exagerate. Or flat out lie, I guess.

    And as for what individuals say they make - I think some people brag and exagerate as well. I just took a CNA course. One girl in the class told me her sister works as a nurse in an Orlando hospital, and makes $2,500 a week working a regular full time schedule, and has only been a nurse for a few years. I really, really, really wish that were the case - I could live quite nicely off that salary - but I just don't see how that could be possible. If you were working all nights and weekends plus a ton of overtime, maybe - and I could see doing that sometimes when I need the extra money - but for a regular schedule? Hmm.
  5. by   rocky1
    what are nursing home rates for a lpn with 5 years exp in long term looking to transfer from mass to kissimmee area any good nursing homes are that give a descent pay
  6. by   orlandocutie
    Nursing homes in Central Florida range from $17 (no exp) to about $25/hr ..you can make more working at night....usually $2 more an hour.

    But just like any other job, you have to negotiate your salary....